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    Figma Plugin API typings


    This repository contains the typings for the Figma Plugin API.


    1. Installation

      npm i --save-dev @figma/plugin-typings
      # or
      yarn add -D @figma/plugin-typings
    2. Configure tsconfig.json

          "compilerOptions": {
              "typeRoots": [

      The configuration above is needed for the TypeScript compiler to use type definitions found in both ./node_modules/@types and ./node_modules/@figma. Normally, most external type definitions are from DefinitelyTyped and are installed in /@types, which included by TypeScript by default. Since we host the plugin typings separately, they are installed outside in /@figma instead.

      Types should become globally available without needing to use import statements. We do it this way because the plugin API is part of the host environment, as opposed to being a package that a plugin includes.


    Plugin API releases have the format "Version X, Update Y". Equivalent tags are created in this repository as v<x>.<y>. Note that not all API releases include API changes, some are just bug fixes. Therefore, some typings versions are skipped.


    npm i @figma/plugin-typings

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