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The Fig Plugin Store makes it easy to add 3rd-party shell plugins to your terminal.

⚡️ Installation

  • macOS:
    • Homebrew: brew install fig
    • DMG: Download from our website: fig.io
  • Windows/Linux:


👋 What is the Plugin Store?

The Fig Plugin Store makes it easy for developers to discover and install 3rd-party shell plugins and have them auto-sync them across your devices.

Fig's plugin store:

  • has 400+ plugins (and would love your support adding more)
  • supports plugins for bash, zsh, and fish
  • lets you configure plugins after installing them (see above video)
  • auto-syncs your plugins across your devices

Example plugins include syntax highlighting for your shell, autocomplete, async loading for your prompt, even oh-my-zsh!

😎 Contribute

Plugins are a simple declarative schema that define

  • metadata (e.g. name, description, URLs, images,...)
  • installation instructions (e.g. relevant files and GitHub repo)
  • available configurations (e.g. env variables to customise settings)

You can contribute your first plugin to the store in < 2 minutes (we make it really easy)

👉 Check out our Plugin Contribution Getting Started Guide to get started

😊 Need Help?

Create GitHub Issue
Join our community

🧑‍💻 Teams / Enterprise

Want to use Fig's to share shell plugins across your team (e.g. to provide an opionated shell setup for newew engineers)? Or want to use Fig at work but have security / compliance concerns.

We would love to help get you set up. Please email enterprise@fig.io

🙋‍♀️ FAQ

What is Fig?

Fig makes developers more productive in the terminal. We build apps like autocomplete, dotfiles (coming soon), and now Plugins.

How do plugins work?

Plugins are installed to a directory on your local device. When you install Fig, we add lines to your shell config that sources files in this directory.

Do Plugins work on Windows or Linux?

Currently, Plugins is only available on macOS, there is a beta for Linux coming soon.

How can I download Fig?

Run brew install fig or by downloading the app at fig.io/download.

Did we miss something?

Get in touch at hello@fig.io or chat with us in Discord.

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