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    A React data grid component library using Materialize CSS for @fantaptik.

    npm install @fantaptik/react-data-grid
    # Peer dependencies
    npm install @fantaptik/core @fantaptik/react-material react-window css-box-model hoist-non-react-statics materialize-css react react-dom

    In Action

    View the Styleguidist @

    Browser Compatibility

    The following browser features are required by the listed components; for highest possible compatibility consider adding appropriate PolyFills.

    • ResizeObserver is used by:
      • Grid via dependency @fantaptik/react-material/Position.Fill.

    API Consistency and Breaking Changes

    I am making a very concerted effort to break the API as little as possible while adding features or fixing bugs. However this software is currently in a pre-1.0.0 version and breaking changes are allowed under standard semver. As the API approaches a stable 1.0.0 release I will list any such breaking changes here and they will always be signaled by a bump in minor version.

    • 0.3.0 ⭢ 0.4.0
      A number of changes were made to support custom cell renderers.
      • getColumns has been renamed to statRow and returns a different shape.
      • useColumns has a different return shape and the columns no longer contain sizing information, which is now stored in <Rows />.
      • <Sample /> has been renamed to <Rows.Sample /> and is now rendered as a child of <Rows /> instead of <Grid />. In short <Rows /> now handles the measuring of cells+headers and the information doesn't need to leak upwards into the <Grid /> (by way of the useColumns hook as it did in 0.3.0).
      • <Progress /> has been renamed to <Grid.FeedProvider.Progress /> as that progress component was intended to be used with and only with the <Grid.FeedProvider />.


    npm i @fantaptik/react-data-grid

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