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AWS CDK Cross Account Route53

AWS CDK Constructs that define:

  • IAM role that can be used to allow discrete Route53 Record changes
  • Cross Account Record construct to create Route53 cross account Route53 records

These constructs allow you to create Route53 records where the zone exists in a separate AWS account to the Cloudformation Stack.

Getting started

yarn add @fallobst22/cdk-cross-account-route53

First create the role in the stack for the AWS account which contains the hosted zone.

// DNS Stack
const zone = new route53.PublicHostedZone(this, 'HostedZone', {
  zoneName: 'example.com',

new CrossAccountRoute53Role(this, 'WebRoute53Role', {
  roleName: 'WebRoute53Role',
  assumedBy: new iam.AccountPrincipal('22222222'), // Web Stack Account
  records: [{ domains: ['www.example.com'] }],

Then in the child stack create the records

const hostedZoneId = 'Z12345'; // ID of the zone in the other account

const distribution = new cloudfront.Distribution(this, 'Distribution', {
  domainNames: ['example.com'],

new CrossAccountRoute53RecordSet(this, 'ARecord', {
  delegationRoleName: 'WebRoute53Role',
  delegationRoleAccount: '111111111', // The account that contains the zone and role
  resourceRecordSets: [{
    Name: `example.com`,
    Type: 'A',
    AliasTarget: {
      DNSName: distribution.distributionDomainName,
      HostedZoneId: 'Z2FDTNDATAQYW2', // Cloudfront Hosted Zone Id
      EvaluateTargetHealth: false,



new CrossAccountRoute53Role(scope: Construct, id: string, props: CrossAccountRoute53RoleProps)


  • scope Construct
  • id string
  • props CrossAccountRoute53RoleProps

Construct Props

Name Type Description
roleName string The role name
assumedBy iam.IPrincipal The principals that are allowed to assume the role
zone route53.IHostedZone The hosted zone.
records CrossAccountRoute53RolePropsRecord[] The records that can be created by this role


Name Type Description
domainNames string | string[] The names of the records that can be created or changed
types route53.RecordType[] The typepsof records that can be created. Default ['A', 'AAAA']
actions 'CREATE' | 'UPSERT' | 'DELETE' The allowed actions. Default ['CREATE', 'UPSERT', 'DELETE']



new CrossAccountRoute53RecordSet(scope: Construct, id: string, props: CrossAccountRoute53RecordSetProps)


  • scope Construct
  • id string
  • props CrossAccountRoute53RecordSet

Construct Props

Name Type Description
delegationRoleName string The role name created in the account with the hosted zone
delegationRoleAccount string The account identfier of the account with the hosted zone
hostedZoneId string The hosted zoned id
resourceRecordSets Route53.ResourceRecordSets The changes to be applied. These are in the same format as taken by ChangeResourceRecordSets Action

Development Status

These constructs will stay in v0.x.x for a while, to allow easier bug fixing & breaking changes if absolutely needed. Once bugs are fixed (if any), the constructs will be published with v1 major version and will be marked as stable.

Only typescript has been tested.


  • npm run build compile typescript to js
  • npm run watch watch for changes and compile
  • npm run test perform the jest unit tests

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