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    Generate massive amounts of fake (but realistic) data for testing and development.

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    API Documentation

    🚀 Features

    • 💌 Addresses - Generate valid looking Addresses, Zip Codes, Street Names, States, and Countries!
    • Time-based Data - Past, present, future, recent, soon... whenever!
    • 🌏 Localization - Set a locale to generate realistic looking Names, Addresses, and Phone Numbers.
    • 💸 Finance - Create stubbed out Account Details, Transactions, and Crypto Addresses.
    • 👠 Products - Generate Prices, Product Names, Adjectives, and Descriptions.
    • 👾 Hacker Jargon - “Try to reboot the SQL bus, maybe it will bypass the virtual application!”
    • 🧍 Names - Generate virtual humans with a complete online and offline identity.
    • 🔢 Numbers - Of course, we can also generate random numbers and strings.

    Note: Faker tries to generate realistic data and not obvious fake data. The generated names, addresses, emails, phone numbers, and/or other data might be coincidentally valid information. Please do not send any of your messages/calls to them from your test setup.

    📦 Install

    npm install --save-dev @faker-js/faker

    🪄 Usage

    import { faker } from '@faker-js/faker';
    // import { faker } from '@faker-js/faker/locale/de';
    export const USERS: User[] = [];
    export function createRandomUser(): User {
      return {
        userId: faker.datatype.uuid(),
        username: faker.internet.userName(),
        avatar: faker.image.avatar(),
        password: faker.internet.password(),
    Array.from({ length: 10 }).forEach(() => {

    💎 Modules

    An in-depth overview of the API methods is available in the documentation.
    The API covers the following modules:

    Module Example Output
    Address Lake Raoulfort
    Animal Norwegian Forest Cat
    Color faker.color.rgb() #cdfcdc
    Commerce faker.commerce.product() Polo t-shirt
    Company Zboncak and Sons
    Database faker.database.engine() MyISAM
    Datatype faker.datatype.uuid() 7b16dd12-935e-4acc-8381-b1e457bf0176
    Date Sat Oct 20 2018 04:19:38 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)
    Finance ¥23400 (After setting locale)
    Git faker.git.commitMessage() feat: add products list page
    Hacker faker.hacker.phrase() Try to reboot the SQL bus, maybe it will bypass the virtual application!
    Helpers faker.helpers.arrayElement(['a', 'b', 'c']) b
    Image faker.image.cats()
    Internet faker.internet.domainName()
    Lorem faker.lorem.paragraph() Porro nulla id vero perspiciatis nulla nihil. ...
    Music R&B
    Name Cameron
    Phone +1 291-299-0192
    Random faker.random.locale() fr_CA
    Science { name: 'meter', symbol: 'm' }
    System faker.system.directoryPath() /root
    Vehicle faker.vehicle.vehicle() Lamborghini Camry
    Word faker.word.adjective() adorable


    Faker contains a generator method faker.helpers.fake for combining faker API methods using a mustache string format.

        'Hello {{name.prefix}} {{name.lastName}}, how are you today?'

    🌏 Localization

    Faker has support for multiple locales.

    The default language locale is set to English.

    Setting a new locale is simple:

    // sets locale to de
    faker.locale = 'de';

    See our documentation for a list of provided languages

    Please note: not every locale provides data for every module. In our pre-made locales, we fallback to English in such a case as this is the most complete and most commonly used language.

    ⚙️ Setting a randomness seed

    If you want consistent results, you can set your own seed:

    const firstRandom = faker.datatype.number();
    // Setting the seed again resets the sequence.
    const secondRandom = faker.datatype.number();
    console.log(firstRandom === secondRandom);

    🤝 Sponsors

    Faker is an MIT-licensed open source project with its ongoing development made possible entirely by the support of these awesome backers




    Please make sure to read the Contributing Guide before making a pull request.

    📘 Credits

    Thanks to all the people who already contributed to Faker!

    The website is kindly hosted by the Netlify Team. Also the search functionality is powered by algolia.

    📝 Changelog

    Detailed changes for each release are documented in the release notes.

    📜 What happened to the original faker.js?

    Read the team update (January 14th, 2022).

    🔑 License



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