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Node OpenSSL Enc


A Node.js CLI tool and library for encryption and decryption with OpenSSL Enc.

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In the dynamic and ever-evolving realm of cybersecurity, data encryption serves as an indispensable shield against potential threats and unauthorized access. Node.js developers find themselves equipped with a library similar to OpenSSL, namely Crypto. Within the vast expanse of OpenSSL tools, OpenSSL Enc takes center stage, offering a command-line interface for symmetric encryption and decryption. Therefore, we have created a similar tool specifically designed for data encryption and decryption using Node.js, known as Node OpenSSL Enc.


Maybe on some systems or versions of Node.js there will be an error when running this tool. You don't need to worry, follow these steps:

  • Copy this code
    export NODE_OPTIONS=--openssl-legacy-provider
  • Paste the code to file .bashrc or .zshrc.
  • Reload your terminal again.

If so, you can now carry out the installation:

  • Library Node.js
    npm install @fajarkim/node-openssl-enc
  • Command CLI
    npm -g install @fajarkim/node-openssl-enc


To start using Node OpenSSL, follow these steps:

  • Library Node.js
    const { encrypt, decrypt } = require("@fajarkim/node-openssl-enc");
    Example usage:
    const { encrypt, decrypt } = require("@fajarkim/node-openssl-enc");
    const algorithm = "aes-128-cbc";
    const text = "Hello, World!";
    const pass = "secret";
    const encrypted = encrypt(algorithm, text, pass);
    const decrypted = decrypt(algorithm, encrypted, pass);
    // <Buffer 53 61 6c 74 65 64 5f 5f 72 d1 cb 35 ce 39 76 e1 c6 b2 00 88 d5 47 b5 d9 1d dc 76 7f 0f 0c c8 fb a7 3a d7 f2 f8 21 5f c8 31 5d 56 04 ac ab 06 b7>
    // Hello, World!
    or with extra encrypted and decrypted:
    const { encrypt, decrypt } = require("@fajarkim/node-openssl-enc");
    const algorithm = "aes-128-cbc";
    const text = "Hello, World!";
    const pass = "secret";
    const extra = "base64"; // You can replace "base64", with "binary", "hex", or "zlib"
    const encrypted = encrypt(algorithm, text, pass, extra);
    const decrypted = decrypt(algorithm, encrypted, pass, extra);
    // U2FsdGVkX19KDX5oAY11Ph3bGVCnhlvSThkR1b1+DWgUcyVSBVuO/Gb+QQ6eFp5r
    // Hello, World!
  • Command CLI
    ncssl -h
    List options:
    Usage: ncssl [options]
    Node OpenSSL Enc (ncssl) is encryption and decryption data
    stdin or file with OpenSSL Ciphers
      -V, --version          output the version number
      -c, --cipher <cipher>  select cipher for encrypt or decrypt
      -f, --file <file>      input path file for encrypt or decrypt
      -p, --passkey <pass>   input passphrase key
      -d, --dec              decrypted data stdin or file
      -o, --out <out>        saved encryption or decryption to out file
      -l, --list             list all supported ciphers
      -a, --base64           extra encrypt or decrypt data stdout using base64
      -b, --binary           extra encrypt or decrypt data stdout using binary
      -H, --hex              extra encrypt or decrypt data stdout using hex
      -z, --zlib             extra encrypt or decrypt data stdout using zlib
      -s, --special <mode>   special tool for encryption/decryption with
                             base64 or zlib (without cipher)
      -h, --help             display help for command
    This tool licensed under AGPL-3.0 License, see <https://github.com/FajarKim/node-openssl-enc/tree/master/LICENSE>
    Report any bugs to <https://github.com/FajarKim/node-openssl-enc/issues>
    Full documentation <https://github.com/FajarKim/node-openssl-enc#readme>
    Example usage:
    ncssl -c aes-128-cbc -p "secret" -f input.txt
    echo "Hello, World!" | ncssl -c aes-128-cbc -p "secret"

Supported Cipher

List supported ciphers:

aes128             aes-128-cbc        aes-128-ccm
aes-128-cfb        aes-128-cfb1       aes-128-cfb8
aes-128-ctr        aes-128-ecb        aes-128-gcm
aes-128-ocb        aes-128-ofb        aes192
aes-192-cbc        aes-192-ccm        aes-192-cfb
aes-192-cfb1       aes-192-cfb8       aes-192-ctr
aes-192-ecb        aes-192-gcm        aes-192-ocb
aes-192-ofb        aes256             aes-256-cbc
aes-256-ccm        aes-256-cfb        aes-256-cfb1
aes-256-cfb8       aes-256-ctr        aes-256-ecb
aes-256-gcm        aes-256-ocb        aes-256-ofb
aria128            aria-128-cbc       aria-128-ccm
aria-128-cfb       aria-128-cfb1      aria-128-cfb8
aria-128-ctr       aria-128-ecb       aria-128-gcm
aria-128-ofb       aria192            aria-192-cbc
aria-192-ccm       aria-192-cfb       aria-192-cfb1
aria-192-cfb8      aria-192-ctr       aria-192-ecb
aria-192-gcm       aria-192-ofb       aria256
aria-256-cbc       aria-256-ccm       aria-256-cfb
aria-256-cfb1      aria-256-cfb8      aria-256-ctr
aria-256-ecb       aria-256-gcm       aria-256-ofb
camellia128        camellia-128-cbc   camellia-128-cfb
camellia-128-cfb1  camellia-128-cfb8  camellia-128-ctr
camellia-128-ecb   camellia-128-ofb   camellia192
camellia-192-cbc   camellia-192-cfb   camellia-192-cfb1
camellia-192-cfb8  camellia-192-ctr   camellia-192-ecb
camellia-192-ofb   camellia256        camellia-256-cbc
camellia-256-cfb   camellia-256-cfb1  camellia-256-cfb8
camellia-256-ctr   camellia-256-ecb   camellia-256-ofb
des                des-cbc            des-cfb
des-cfb1           des-cfb8           des-ecb
des-ofb            des-ede            des-ede-cbc
des-ede-cfb        des-ede-ecb        des-ede-ofb
des-ede3           des-ede3-cbc       des-ede3-cfb
des-ede3-cfb1      des-ede3-cfb8      des-ede3-ecb
des-ede3-ofb       des3               desx
desx-cbc           id-aes128-ccm      id-aes128-gcm
id-aes192-ccm      id-aes192-gcm      id-aes256-ccm
id-aes256-gcm      seed               seed-cbc
seed-cfb           seed-ecb           seed-ofb
sm4                sm4-cbc            sm4-cfb
sm4-ctr            sm4-ecb            sm4-ofb


Node OpenSSL Enc is released under the AGPL-3.0 license, which grants the following permissions:

  • Commercial use
  • Modification
  • Distribution
  • Patent use
  • Private use

For more convoluted language, see the LICENSE.


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