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Fair Data Protocol CLI

Warning: This project is in beta state. There might (and most probably will) be changes in the future to its API and working. Also, no guarantees can be made about its stability, efficiency, and security at this stage.

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From npm

To install globally (requires npm root --global to be writable):

npm install --global @fairdatasociety/fdp-cli


Create FDP account. The account will only be stored on your device.

fdp-cli account create ACCOUNT_NAME

Or import an account using mnemonic phrase.

fdp-cli account import "MNEMONIC_PHRASE"

Export your account in plain text.

fdp-cli account export

Export your account as a text file.

fdp-cli account export --out-file MY_FILENAME

Make your account portable between devices.

This action will upload the encrypted account to Ethereum Swarm and you will be able to use your username and password to access your account. The username will be registered in ENS. To perform this action, your wallet must be topped up with at least 0.01 token of the current network.

This action is optional and you can manage your account information without registering.

fdp-cli account register YOUR_USERNAME

Login to portable account with storing account's seed to local machine.

fdp-cli account login YOUR_USERNAME

Pods management

Create a pod.

fdp-cli pod create YOUR_POD_NAME

Delete a pod.

fdp-cli pod delete YOUR_POD_NAME

Show list of pods.

fdp-cli pod list

Directories management

Create a directory.

fdp-cli directory create "/YOUR_DIRECTORY" --pod YOUR_POD_NAME

Get list of files and directories in the root.

fdp-cli directory read "/" --pod YOUR_POD_NAME

Get list of files in subdirectory.

fdp-cli directory read "/YOUR_SUBDIR" --pod YOUR_POD_NAME

Delete a directory.

fdp-cli directory delete "/YOUR_DIRECTORY" --pod YOUR_POD_NAME

Files management

Upload a file.


Download a file.

fdp-cli file download "/YOUR_SOURCE_PATH" "DESTINATION_PATH" --pod YOUR_POD_NAME

Delete a file.

fdp-cli file delete "/YOUR_SOURCE_PATH" --pod YOUR_POD_NAME


After the project has been cloned, the dependencies must be installed. Run the following in the project folder:

npm ci

Then you need to compile the TypeScript code:

npm run compile

To make the local fdp-cli files in the dist/ directory available as a global package:

npm link

If all went well you should be able to run fdp-cli.

If npm link fails, or you don't want to install anything, then you can use node dist/index.js to run fdp-cli from the checked out directory.

System environment

With specific system environment variables you can alter the behaviour of the CLI

  • ENS_NETWORK - name of the configuration that defines blockchain RPC and smart contract addresses. Allowed values: goerli and fdp-play. Default is goerli
  • ENS_DOMAIN - domain name of the ENS. It is not necessary to define for built-in networks, but it can be helpful for custom networks
  • ENS_RPC_URL - RPC url for interacting with ENS
  • BEE_API_URL - API URL of Bee client
  • BEE_BATCH_ID - batch id for Bee client
  • BEE_DEBUG_API_URL - debug API URL of Bee client
  • FDP_CLI_CONFIG_FOLDER - full path to a configuration folder
  • FDP_CLI_CONFIG_FILE - configuration file name, defaults to config.json


There are some ways you can make this module better:

  • Consult our open issues and take on one of them
  • Help our tests reach 100% coverage!



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