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A simple list of configs for use in FAIR Data Innovations Hub projects.

npm install --save-dev @fairdataihub/config
yarn add -D @fairdataihub/config

How to use

Refer to our documentation for this package here: @fairdataihub/config

Getting started

  1. git clone https://github.com/fairdataihub/config.git
  2. cd config
  3. npm install

To enable deployment, you will need to:

  1. Setup NPM_TOKEN secret in GitHub actions (Settings > Secrets > Actions)
  2. Give GITHUB_TOKEN write permissions for GitHub releases (Settings > Actions > General > Workflow permissions)


Currently supported configs:

  • prettier
  • eslint
  • devmoji
  • commitlint


Leverages esbuild for blazing fast builds, but keeps tsc to generate .d.ts files. Generates two builds to support both ESM and CJS.


  • build: runs typechecking then generates CJS, ESM and d.ts files in the build/ directory
  • clean: removes the build/ directory
  • type:dts: only generates d.ts
  • type:check: only run typechecking
  • type:build: only generates CJS and ESM


This library uses ava and esbuild-register so that there is no need to compile before the tests start running. The coverage is done through nyc.


  • test: runs ava test runner
  • test:coverage: runs ava test runner and generates coverage reports

Format & lint

This project relies on the combination of eslint — through typescript-eslint for linting and prettier for formatting. It also uses cspell to ensure spelling


  • format: runs prettier with automatic fixing
  • format:check: runs prettier without automatic fixing (used in CI)
  • lint: runs eslint with automatic fixing
  • lint:check: runs eslint without automatic fixing (used in CI)
  • spell:check: runs spellchecking


Under the hood, this library uses semantic-release and commitizen. The goal is to avoid manual release process. Using semantic-release will automatically create a github release (hence tags) as well as an npm release. Based on your commit history, semantic-release will automatically create a patch, feature or breaking release.


  • cz: interactive CLI that helps you generate a proper git commit message, using commitizen
  • semantic-release: triggers a release (used in CI)

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