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Fadroma Scrt

Secret Network implementation of Fadroma Agent.

See https://fadroma.tech for more info.

Connecting to mainnet or testnet

import { Scrt } from '@fadroma/scrt'

/// with the default API URL (defined in scrt-config.ts):
const a = await Scrt.Mainnet().getAgent({ mnemonic: '...' })
const b = await Scrt.Testnet().getAgent({ mnemonic: '...' })

// with custom API URL:
const c = await Scrt.Mainnet({ url: '...' }).getAgent({ mnemonic: '...' })
const d = await Scrt.Testnet({ url: '...' }).getAgent({ mnemonic: '...' })

// multiple identities:
const e = Scrt.Mainnet()
const f = await e.getAgent({ mnemonic: '...' })
const g = await e.getAgent({ mnemonic: '...' })

// identity from Keplr:
const h = await e.getAgent({ encryptionUtils: window.getEnigmaUtils(e.chainId) })

Overriding the SecretJS implementation

By default the static property Scrt.SecretJS points to the SecretJS module from the dependencies of @fadroma/scrt (see package.json for version info.)

const raw = new Scrt('raw')
assert.equal(raw.SecretJS, Scrt.SecretJS)

To use a different version of SecretJS with @fadroma/scrt, install that version in your package (next to @fadroma/scrt) and import it (import * as SecretJS from 'secretjs').

By setting Scrt.SecretJS to a custom implementation, all subsequently created Scrt instances will use that implementation. You can also override it for a specific Scrt instance, in order to use multiple versions of the platform client side by side.

// import * as SecretJS from 'secretjs'
const SecretJS = {

  SecretNetworkClient: class {
    static async create () { return new this () }
    query = {
      params: {
        params: () => ({param:{value:'{"max_gas":"1","max_bytes":"2"}'}})

  Wallet: class {
    /* mock */


const mod = new Scrt('mod', { SecretJS })

assert.equal(mod.SecretJS, SecretJS)
assert.notEqual(mod.SecretJS, raw.SecretJS)

The used SecretJS module will provide the Wallet and SecretNetworkClient classes, whose instances are provided to ScrtAgent by Scrt#getAgent, so that the agent can interact with the chain by signing and broadcasting transactions.

const agent = await mod.getAgent()

assert.ok(agent.wallet instanceof SecretJS.Wallet)
assert.ok(agent.api    instanceof SecretJS.SecretNetworkClient)

Overriding the signer (encryptionUtils f.k.a. EnigmaUtils)

In Keplr contexts, you may want to use the signer returned by window.getEnigmaUtils(chainId). Here's how to pass it into ScrtAgent.

import { ScrtAgent } from '@fadroma/scrt'

const encryptionUtils = Symbol() // use window.getEnigmaUtils(chainId) to get this
  • Preferred: override from Scrt#getAgent.
const agent1 = await raw.getAgent({ encryptionUtils })

assert.equal(agent1.api.encryptionUtils, encryptionUtils)
  • Fallback: override through ScrtAgent constructor. You shouldn't need to do this. Just use Scrt#getAgent to pass encryptionUtils to new SecretNetworkClient at construction time like the SecretJS API expects.
const agent2 = new ScrtAgent({ api: {}, wallet: {}, encryptionUtils })
assert.equal(agent2.api.encryptionUtils, encryptionUtils)
  • Fallback 2: you can use Object.assign(agent.api, { encryptionUtils }) to bypass TSC warning about accessing a private member and manually override the encryptionUtils property of the SecretNetworkClient instance used by your ScrtAgent.

Fetching the default gas limit from the chain

By default, the Scrt class exposes a conservative gas limit of 1 000 000 units.

import { Scrt } from '@fadroma/scrt'

assert.equal(Scrt.defaultFees.send.gas,   1000000)
assert.equal(Scrt.defaultFees.upload.gas, 1000000)
assert.equal(Scrt.defaultFees.init.gas,   1000000)
assert.equal(Scrt.defaultFees.exec.gas,   1000000)

When constructing a ScrtAgent using Scrt#getAgent, Fadroma tries to fetch the block limit from the chain:

console.log((await new Scrt().getAgent()).fees)




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