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Factor forum is a powerful forum solution for your factor app.

This plugin comes with essential elements to run an efficient and professional community.


  • Standard forum features: topics and replies
  • Pin and lock topic threads
  • Notification and subscribing to forum topics
  • Add and sort by category and tag taxonomies
  • High performance posting and real-time replies

Getting Started

To install and start using the forum, just add the package to dependencies:

npm add  @factor/plugin-forum


The customization system for this plugin is based on the standard factor-settings.js API that is provided by Factor. Just add values in your app's settings file to change the values. You can reference the settings file in this project for a list of available configuration options.

// app factor-settings.js
export default {
  forum: {
    indexRoute: "/my-forum-index-route",
    postRoute: "/my-forum-post-base-route",
    limit: 6,

CSS Variables

This plugin makes use of a few CSS variables to enhance appearance. To change or setup these variables just add them to your factor-styles.less file.

The variables used are:

.factor-app {
  // The background color of your app 
  --color-bg: #ffffff;
  // Background contrast color (highlights, etc.) 
  --color-bg-contrast: #f7f7f7;
  // The primary color of your application 
  --color-primary: #0496ff;
  // The standard text color in your app 
  --color-text: #000000;

Overriding Components

It's possible and easy to override many of the components in the forum. This can be useful if the standard setting based customization just isn't enough.

To do this, first copy the original component from the plugin into you app.

Then reference where it is added as a setting in your factor-settings:

// Forum factor-settings.js
export default {
  forum: {
    components: {
      topicReply: () => import("./topic-reply.vue"),

And then simply add the overriding version of the component from your app:

// Your app factor-settings.js
export default {
  forum: {
    components: {
      topicReply: () => import("./my-forum/topic-reply.vue"),


npm i @factor/plugin-forum

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