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Fabalous - The MVC / Flux / Isomorph - YAFS

This is the Core pacakge for the Fabalous Framework. Use this Package if you want to create a new Runtime.


All Code in this package need to be abstract and need to be executabel in every Enviroment. Please notice that the the client runtime's are splitted in different Packages.

How to use

You can use this Pacakge just by install it with NPM or YARN

npm install @fabalous/fabalous-core --save-dev


yarn install @fabalous/fabalous-core --save-dev

After that you would like to extend the FabaCore or FabaCoreRuntime Class.

Api Documentation

You can find the Api Documentation in the doc folder or under:


Build and Testing

Please Notice that you need to remove in the package.json the install script if you clone this repo and run npm install else you will get an error.