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This is a Node library to provide an abstraction layer over multiple storage backends for BIG-IP iControl LX Extensions.


You can install the package with NPM:

npm install --save \@f5devcentral/atg-storage

If you need changes that are not yet available on NPM, you can install the package from this repository. It is recommended that you specify a commit or tag to avoid pulling in unwanted commits from the master branch:

npm install --save \@f5devcentral/atg-storage@git+https://github.com/f5devcentral/atg-storage.git#v0.1.0


The extentions directory contains additional NPM modules that can be used with atg-storage. These are built as separate modules to avoid adding too many dependencies to atg-storage itself. They can be installed using npm as usual.

  • atg-storage-postgres - adds a PostgreSQL backend


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