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This project holds a number of developer utility functions that can be shared across the F5 Automation Toolchain projects.


Read through the contributing/README.md for information on how to contribute to this project.


These are quick functions, which checks to see if a property exists in an object, then if it is of the specified type, and finally deletes it. It was designed for use in testing properties with random values within arrays of objects.

By checking for their existance and then deleting them, the user can then use assert.strictDeepEquals(...) more reliably.

checkAndDeleteProperty(objectToCheck, propertyToCheck, expectedPropertyType, options)

This function is primarily useful in integration and unit testing. Where some of the values returned are randomized. This allows for the randomness to happen then it validates the return value is both present and of the expected type. Then by removing it, testing can then do a deep comparison of the expected values.

Example properties: automatically generated ids, runtimes, and dates.

This takes in an object or an array of objects, checks each object for the property, checks the property's type against the expected value, and then deletes the property from the object.

This does not check nested objects for the "propertyToCheck".

This throws an error if the propertyToCheck is not found, or the typeof the property does not match the expectedPropertyType.

  • objectToCheck : The object that is being checked.
  • propertyToCheck : The name of the property to be checked.
  • expectedPropertyType : The type the property is expected to equal.
  • options : An object which holds options that changes how this function behaves (see below).

WARNING: At the moment, due to the copying process in this function, objects with "undefined" property values will not appear in the returned object.


These are optional values that do NOT need to be included in the method call.

  • skipUndefinedProperties : Options to loosen the error checking if a property is not always available in every object in the array.


This option accepts one of the following strings.

  • "MIN0": Skips check if objectToCheck[propertyToCheck] is undefined. Formerly the isMissingProp.
  • "MIN1": Skips check if objectToCheck[propertyToCheck] is undefined, but Errors if ALL object[propertyToCheck] are undefined.


const result = checkAndDeleteProperty({ foo: 'bar' }, 'foo', 'string'); // removes foo from the object const resultArray = checkAndDeleteProperty([{ foo: 'bar' }, { foo: 'bar' }], 'foo', 'string'); // removes foo from both objects



Adds the copyright template with current year to the top of every file in src/, scripts/, and test/.

To use: run from project root, after installing package:
node node_modules/@f5devcentral/atg-shared-utilities-dev/scripts/dev/write-copyright.js [-p <optional-path-to-copyright>]

You can provide your own copyright text as an argument in the call with the -p option. If you do not include one, the script will default to using its own located at: node_modules/@f5devcentral/atg-shared-utilities-dev/scripts/dev/copyright.txt


This script can be run as a CICD pipeline check by enabling the CICD mode (-c argument).

  • Process will abort pipeline if an outdated copyright is found.
  • Process will exit gracefully if no outdated copyrights are found.

To use: run from project root, after installing package:
node node_modules/@f5devcentral/atg-shared-utilities-dev/scripts/dev/write-copyright.js -c

Note: This can be used with the -p option and vice versa.


Apache License 2.0


Copyright 2014-2021 F5 Networks Inc.




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