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    IAF Plugin Encore-local

    The Eyevinn Ingest Application Framework (Eyevinn IAF) is a framework to simplify building VOD ingest applications. A framework of open source plugins to integrate with various transcoding and streaming providers. This is the plugin for interacting with the SVT Encore video transcoding tool.


    To install the plugin in your project, run the following command.

    npm install --save @eyevinn/iaf-plugin-encore-local

    Using the module in your application based on Eyevinn IAF

    To use the Encore upload module in your Eyevinn IAF setup, your index.ts should look like this:

    // other imports
    import {EncoreUploadModule} from "@eyevinn/iaf-plugin-encore-local";
    const encoreUploader = new EncoreUploadModule(/** args **/);
    const fileWatcher = /** initialize your file watcher of choice**/

    Plugin Documentation


    Default plugin export. This class is plug-and-play with the Ingest Application Framework, as described in the previous section.


    constructor(encoreEndpoint: string, inputLocation: string, outputDestination: string, encodeParams: string, logger: winston.Logger)

    Creates a new EncoreUploadModule object. You need to provide the Encore endpoint URL as well as the name of your ingest and output destinations. If you want to use custom Encore settings you also need to provide those as the encodeParams. A winston logger is also needed. These parameters are used to initialize the sub-modules.

    onFileAdd = (filePath: string, readStream: Readable).

    Method that is executed when a file is added to the directory being watched. filePath is the full path to the added file, and readStream is a Readable stream of the file data. Any file watcher plugins are required to provide these. The method dispatches a transcoding job to the Encore endpoint. On job completion a SMIL-file will be generated in the outputDestination containing all transcoded video/audio files.


    Sub-module that dispatches Encore transcoding jobs.


    constructor(encoreEndpoint: string, inputLocation: string, outputDestination: string, encodeParams: string, logger: winston.Logger)

    Instantiates a new EncoreDispatcher. logging is injected in order to avoid multiple logging objects. In most cases, the parameters will be passed down to the parent EncoreUploadModule.

    async dispatch(fileName: string)

    Dispatches a Encore transcoding job. Jobs are executed with the settings specified in resources/exampleJob.json or those that are specified in the encodeParams, and are in Encore job format. fileName is the filename of the input file.


    In addition to contributing code, you can help to triage issues. This can include reproducing bug reports, or asking for vital information such as version numbers or reproduction instructions.

    About Eyevinn Technology

    Eyevinn Technology is an independent consultant firm specialized in video and streaming. Independent in a way that we are not commercially tied to any platform or technology vendor.

    At Eyevinn, every software developer consultant has a dedicated budget reserved for open source development and contribution to the open source community. This give us room for innovation, team building and personal competence development. And also gives us as a company a way to contribute back to the open source community.

    Want to know more about Eyevinn and how it is to work here. Contact us at!


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