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A Javascript interface for FYERS API.
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FYERS is one of the cheapest online stock brokers in India, that offers trading in the equity (NSE, BSE), currency (NSE), and commodity segments (MCX). The objective of this package is to provide a cleaner interface to FYERS API. The http namespace provides the same interface as FYERS HTTP API. The websocket namespace provides the same interface as FYERS WebSocket API, along with parsing of binary market data. This allows you to recieve instant notifications of order update and market data. The top namespace (global functions, classes) provide a facade for the HTTP and the WebSocket APIs and provides additional utility functions, such as calculating charges.

Global functions associated with FYERS API, such as getPositions(), are stateless and accept Authorization as the first parameter. On the other hand, the Api class includes stateful functions which do not require the Authorization parameter (required while creating object). Note that this authorization can be obtained be performing login with loginStep1() and loginStep2().

The goals for the future include doing a thorough interface check, and possibly writing a CLI interface. Obtaining details of symbols, including images and more could be done as part of a separate package.

This package is available in both Node.js and Web formats. The web format is exposed as extra_fyers standalone variable and can be loaded from jsDelivr CDN.

Stability: Experimental.

const fyers = require('extra-fyers');

async function main() {
  var appId       = '****';  // app_id recieved after creating app
  var accessToken = '****';  // access_token recieved after login
  var api = new fyers.Api(appId, accessToken);

  // List equity and commodity fund limits.
  console.log(await api.getFunds());

  // List holdings.
  console.log(await api.getHoldings());

  // Place CNC market order for SBIN (equity) on NSE for 5 shares
  var id = await api.placeOrder({symbol: 'NSE:SBIN-EQ', quantity: 5});

  // List postions for today (should list NSE:SBIN-EQ-CNC).
  console.log(await api.getPositions());

  // Connect to Market data with WebSocket
  // and recieve real-time market quotes.
  await api.connectMarketData(quote => {
  // Choose which symbols you want to subscribe to.
  await api.subscribeMarketDepth(['NSE:SBIN-EQ']);

  // Connect to Order update with WebSocket
  // and recieve real-time order status updates.
  await api.connectOrderUpdate(order => {
  // Subscribe to order status updates.
  await api.subscribeOrderUpdate();


Property Description
exchangeDescription Get exchange description.
exchange Get exchange code.
segmentDescription Get segment description.
segment Get segment code.
positionSideDescription Get position side description.
positionSide Get position side code.
orderSideDescription Get order side description.
orderSide Get order side code.
orderSourceDescription Get order source description.
orderSource Get order source code.
orderStatusDescription Get order status description.
orderStatus Get order status code.
orderTypeDescription Get order type description.
orderType Get order type code.
orderValidityDescription Get order validity description.
orderValidity Get order validity code.
optionTypeDescription Get option type description.
optionType Get option type code.
derivativeTypeDescription Get derivative type description.
derivativeType Get derivative type code.
holdingTypeDescription Get holding type description.
holdingType Get holding type code.
productTypeDescription Get product type description.
productType Get product type code.
instrumentTypeDescription Get instrument type description.
instrumentType Get instrument type code.
symbolName Get symbol exchange, underlying, currency-pair, or commodity name.
symbolExchange Get symbol exchange.
symbolSeries Get symbol exchange series.
symbolOptionType Get symbol option type.
symbolDerivativeType Get symbol derivative type.
symbolStrikePrice Get symbol strike price.
symbolToken Get symbol token, a unique identifier.
symbolDescription Get symbol description.
symbolIsin Get symbol ISIN.
symbolLotSize Get symbol minimum lot size.
equityDeliveryCharges Get equity delivery charges.
equityIntradayCharges Get equity intraday charges.
equityFuturesCharges Get equity futures charges.
equityOptionsCharges Get equity options charges.
currencyFuturesCharges Get currency futures charges.
currencyOptionsCharges Get currency options charges.
commodityFuturesCharges Get commodity futures charges.
commodityOptionsCharges Get commodity options charges.
loginStep1 Get request step 1 for authorization.
loginStep2 Get request step 2 for authorization.
getProfile Get basic details of the client.
getFunds Get balance available for the user for capital as well as the commodity market.
getHoldings Get the equity and mutual fund holdings which the user has in this demat account.
getOrder Get details of an order placed in the current trading day.
getOrders Get details of all the orders placed in the current trading day.
getPositions Get details of all the positions in the current trading day.
getTrades Get details of all the trades in the current trading day.
placeOrder Place an order to any exchange via Fyers.
placeOrders Place multiple orders to any exchange via Fyers.
modifyOrder Modifies an order placed on any exchange via Fyers.
modifyOrders Modifies orders placed on any exchange via Fyers.
cancelOrder Cancels an order placed on any exchange via Fyers.
cancelOrders Cancels orders placed on any exchange via Fyers.
exitPosition Exits a position on the current trading day.
exitAllPositions Exits all positions on the current trading day.
convertPosition Converts a position on the current trading day.
getMarketStatus Get the current market status of all the exchanges and their segments.
getMarketHistory Get the market history for a particular symbol.
getMarketQuotes Get the current market quotes for a set of symbols.
getMarketDepth Get the current market depth for a particular symbol.
getSymbolMaster Get all the latest symbols of all the exchanges from the symbol master files.
processSymbolMaster Get details of symbols from the symbol master file text.
loadSymbolMaster Get details of symbols from the symbol master files.
generateEdisTpin Generate e-DIS TPIN for validating/authorising transaction.
getEdisTransactions Get the necessary information regarding the holdings you have on your and also the status of the holdings.
submitEdisHoldingsStep Redirect to CDSL page for login where you can submit your Holdings information and accordingly you can provide the same to exchange to Sell your holdings (browser only).
inquireEdisTransaction Inquire the information/status of the provided transaction Id for the respective holdings you have on your end.
connectMarketData Connect to Market data URL with WebSocket.
subscribeMarketQuote Subscribe to market quote.
subscribeMarketDepth Subscribe to market depth.
unsubscribeMarketQuote Unsubscribe to market quote.
unsubscribeMarketDepth Unsubscribe to market depth.
connectOrderUpdate Connect to Order update URL with WebSocket.
subscribeOrderUpdate Subscribe to order update.
unsubscribeOrderUpdate Unsubscribe to order update.
Api Stateful interface for FYERS API.



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