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The 'Exponent' project has been renamed to 'Expo'. This package is now named '@expo/sentry-utils'.


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Exponent Sentry Utilities

This package performs two main functions:

  • Provides ExponentSentryClient, which allows an application to easily set itself up to send any uncaught errors to Sentry (
  • Provides a script -- publish-sentry-release -- that will fetch the current JavaScript bundle and source map for an Exponent experience from XDE or exp, and upload those artifacts to Sentry to allow for symbolication of crash reports.

Sentry Client

Set up the client as follows during the initialization of your app:

ExponentSentryClient.setupSentry([SENTRY DSN], [RELEASE], [EXPERIENCE ENTRY FILE])

A good place to do this is in the constructor of your root component. RELEASE should be a version number or Git commit SHA that identifies a new Sentry release.

Example usage:

const packageJSON = require('./package.json');
  `https://[api key here][project id]`,

Before using this for the first time you will need to publish at least one release as shown below.

"Publish Sentry Release" Script

To upload a new release:

publish-sentry-release \
  --platform [ios|android] \
  --team [SENTRY TEAM] \
  --project [SENTRY PROJECT] \
  --auth-token [SENTRY AUTH TOKEN]

You can find or generate your Sentry auth token on this page.

You'll be prompted for your XDE port -- this can be found in XDE in the project URL display.

In addition, the script will ask you if you want to bump the version of your project (the version specified in your package.json). This is optional - but if you don't bump the version and there is an existing Sentry release with the same version number, the artifacts associated with that version will be overridden.

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