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    This package lets you use the Bungee Hairline font family from Google Fonts in your Expo app.

    Bungee Hairline

    Bungee Hairline

    This font family contains 1 style.

    • BungeeHairline_400Regular


    Run this command from the shell in the root directory of your Expo project to add the font family package to your project

    expo install @expo-google-fonts/bungee-hairline expo-font expo-app-loading

    Now add code like this to your project

    import React, { useState, useEffect } from 'react';
    import { Text, View, StyleSheet } from 'react-native';
    import AppLoading from 'expo-app-loading';
    import { useFonts, BungeeHairline_400Regular } from '@expo-google-fonts/bungee-hairline';
    export default () => {
      let [fontsLoaded] = useFonts({
      let fontSize = 24;
      let paddingVertical = 6;
      if (!fontsLoaded) {
        return <AppLoading />;
      } else {
        return (
          <View style={{ flex: 1, justifyContent: 'center', alignItems: 'center' }}>
                // Note the quoting of the value for `fontFamily` here; it expects a string!
                fontFamily: 'BungeeHairline_400Regular',
              Bungee Hairline Regular

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    👩‍💻 Use During Development

    If you are trying out lots of different fonts, you can try using the @expo-google-fonts/dev package.

    You can import any font style from any Expo Google Fonts package from it. It will load the fonts over the network at runtime instead of adding the asset as a file to your project, so it may take longer for your app to get to interactivity at startup, but it is extremely convenient for playing around with any style that you want.

    📖 License

    The @expo-google-fonts/bungee-hairline package and its code are released under the MIT license.

    All the fonts in the Google Fonts catalog are free and open source.

    Check the Bungee Hairline page on Google Fonts for the specific license of this font family.

    You can use these fonts freely in your products & projects - print or digital, commercial or otherwise. However, you can't sell the fonts on their own. This isn't legal advice, please consider consulting a lawyer and see the full license for all details.

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    🤝 Contributing

    Contributions are very welcome! This entire directory, including what you are reading now, was generated from code. Instead of submitting PRs to this directly, please make contributions to the generator instead.




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