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    This is the shared eslint configuration used by the TypeScript track (for students) and the files contributors and maintainers touch. Shareable configs are designed to work with the extends feature of .eslintrc files. This means you can use the same configuration you're used to on Exercism in your on projects!


    To use the configuration for students, open your eslint configuration file, and add the following value to extends. For example, for JSON based configuration files:

      "extends": "@exercism/eslint-config-typescript"

    To use the configuration used by contributors and maintainers, add the following to extends:

      "extends": "@exercism/eslint-config-typescript/maintainers"

    Students configuration

    Find the student configuration here. It's goal is to help detect and prevent common problems, without making any decisions about code-style.

    The rules are based on:

    • eslint:recommended
    • plugin:import
    • A few extra rules that catch common issues but are not enabled via the recommended plugin. See this PR for a bit of discussion and rationale.
    • Adding TypeScript specific rules.

    Because the Exercism TypeScript track is primarily focussing on running the exercises on Node, only node and es2021 are turned on as environment, but when extending this configuration, you can add more (or turn those off).

    Maintainers configuration

    Similar to the students configuration, and found here, it also includes the prettier plugin because we use prettier to achieve consistent code formatting. This plugin turns off rules that conflict with formatting.

    Additionally, it doesn't have warnings but errors for most/all of the rules in the students configuration.

    Tooling configuration

    Because the tooling (such as the TypeScript Analyzer, Representer, and Test Runner) are written in TypeScript, they don't use the same configuration files. If you're looking for those, or to build your own tools in TypeScript, go to @exercism/eslint-config-tooling.




    npm i @exercism/eslint-config-typescript

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