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Exadel Smart Library

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Exadel Smart Library (ESL) is an open-source lightweight and flexible UI component library based on web components. Increase your site’s performance by building UX models with custom components from our library. The ESL web UI components library is compatible with any framework, which makes ESL ideal for projects regardless of their tech stack.

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Exadel Smart Library, or ESL for short, is a free web UI components library that reduces routine tasks and lets you efficiently create websites with multiple web components at hand. When you’re deciding which is the best UI component library for your site, keep in mind that it should be compatible with other libraries and frameworks — like ESL is!

ESL UI component library allows you to access a toolkit full of reusable components. You can utilize these web components to complement projects or build your infrastructure from the ground up using ESL alone. Our web UI components library is high-quality, so the only thing you’ll have to focus on is applying styles to meet your project needs.

ESL is based solely on Web API and ECMAScript 6 features, which let our web UI components library work well across all modern browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Edge. ESL can also work on IE11 when the whole list of polyfills is provided (see Browser support & Polyfills for more details).

Library Structure

While building the UI component library, we included components, form components, and utilities that solve complex project architecture problems and comply with the DRY principle. See the rundown of web components and read the specs.

Library Core

With our UI component library, you get flexible syntax sugar meant for building on top of basic components and controlling their life cycle.


Our HTML UI component library provides you with all the elements you’ll need to construct UX modules with excellent performance.

Installation Guide

  1. Preconditions:

    • Make sure you have all needed polyfills to support browsers from your browser-support list. See Browser support & Polyfills for details.
    • Use a bundler to build your project. Currently, only ES6 modules are available for consumption.
  2. Install esl npm dependency:

    npm i @exadel/esl --save
  3. Import Components/Modules you need:

    import '@exadel/esl/modules/esl-component/core';
    • core module entry usually represents main part of the module;
    • include optional sub-features directly. See component's documentation for details.
    import '@exadel/esl/modules/esl-media/providers/iframe-provider';
    • Some modules contain cumulative all entries.
    • Styles are distributed in two versions:
      • 'ready to use' core.css or core.less
      • mixin version core.mixin.less for custom tagname definition
  4. [Optional] Setup environment configuration, e.g. custom screen breakpoints:

    import {ESLScreenBreakpoints} from '@exadel/esl/modules/esl-media-query/core';
    // define XS screen breakpoint for up to 800px screen width
    ESLScreenBreakpoints.addCustomBreakpoint('XS', 1, 800); 
  5. Register web components via register static method call:


    You can pass custom tag name to 'register' function, but use this option only in an exceptional situation.

Development Information for Contributors

If you are part of ESL team or want to contribute to the project, you can find useful information about the project processes and agreements here:

ESL Core Team

People who architect, maintain, and keep the idea of the ESL

Alexey Stsefanovich

Julia Murashko

Yuliya Adamskaya

Dmytro Shovchko

Anna Barmina

Anastasiya Lesun

ESL Contributors:

People who are actively contributing to the ESL

Anna-Mariia Petryk


Feoktyst Shovchko


Natallia Harshunova


Yana Bernatskaya


Natalie Smirnova


Iryna Pavlenko


Aliaksandr Auseyeu


Andrey Belous


Dzianis Mantsevich


Liubou Masiuk


Exadel, Inc.

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