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    This is a Angular Component which provides file upload functionality. It has a drop down which lists the type of upload / file type, a Select Button and a Upload Button.

    It also take cares of invalid file formats, file size using the configured values in the lookUpCode.

    The selector offers two events, one is for providing the lookUpCodes and the second event is when the user uploads the file.

    // Initial confifuration


    // Event fired when end-user uploads a file


    The (response) event emits a response object with two properties i.e. "file" and "fileType"

    response: { file: File, fileType: LookupCode };

    LookupCode Definition :

    A LookUpCode is basically an object that defines a particular type of file upload.

    lookUpCode : { lookupCode : "IMPORT_TYPE", // The LookUpCode itself value : "ACH_TR", // A Unique value that makes this lookUpCode object unique valueOne : "TReDS presentment file upload", // File Type Name valueTwo : "txt", // File Format valueThree : "dir/dir_org", // Directory to save -> This component as of v1.0.0 doesn't store or save file to a directory. valueFour : "10" // Maximum File Size in Mega Bytes }

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