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    Simulates the config server for local development


    npm install @everymundo/fake-config-server

    Custom routes

    Create a directory on your projects root folder to store your custom routes

    mkdir -p resources/fake-routes

    Add your .json files to that folder. The name of the file (excluding the .json) will be the path for the route. Example: you have a file named my-configs.json, so when you list the directory's content you can see that file

    ls resources/fake-routes


    Add the following scripts to your project's package.json file.

      "scripts": {
        "fake-config-server-start": "npm run fake-config-server-stop &> /dev/null; sleep 1; fake-config-server >> logs/fake-config-server.log 2>&1 & echo PID=$!",
        "fake-config-server-stop": "killall -9 fakeConfigServer",

    Don't forget to create the logs directory on your project's root folder, if you don't already have one.

    mkdir logs


    After configuring your npm scripts you can just start the server with the command

    npm run fake-config-server-start

    To stop the server you can run

    npm run fake-config-server-stop

    Accessing it

    By default the service will listen to all interfaces by using and the default port is 54321. If you set the ENV VAR CONFIG_SERVER_PORT to a different number that will be the new port.

    So, assuming you are using the default port number, if you go to you should see the default route that cames as an example.

    Notice that the request will be redirected to

    In order to use your my-configs.json file you must access

    If you access a non existing route it will show you a 404 JSON error with the available routes.




    npm i @everymundo/fake-config-server

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