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    Generate massive amounts of fake (but realistic) data for testing and development.

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    Please replace your faker dependency with @faker-js/faker. This is the official, stable fork of Faker.

    npm install @faker-js/faker --save-dev

    or yarn

    yarn add @faker-js/faker -D

    or pnpm

    pnpm install @faker-js/faker -D


    <script src="faker.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
      const randomName = faker.name.findName(); // Caitlyn Kerluke
      const randomEmail = faker.internet.email(); // Rusty@arne.info
      const randomCard = faker.helpers.createCard(); // random contact card containing many properties


    const { faker } = require('@faker-js/faker');
    const randomName = faker.name.findName(); // Rowan Nikolaus
    const randomEmail = faker.internet.email(); // Kassandra.Haley@erich.biz
    const randomCard = faker.helpers.createCard(); // random contact card containing many properties


    import { faker } from "https://cdn.skypack.dev/@faker-js/faker";
    const randomName = faker.name.findName(); // Willie Bahringer
    const randomEmail = faker.internet.email(); // Tomasa_Ferry14@hotmail.com
    const randomCard = faker.helpers.createCard(); // random contact card containing many properties

    TypeScript Support

    Since version v6+ there is native TypeScript support.

    If you want for whatever reason the versions prior to v6, you can use @types/faker and rebind the declarations to the @faker-js/faker package with a faker.d.ts file in your e.g. src folder.

    // faker.d.ts
    declare module '@faker-js/faker' {
      import faker from 'faker';
      export default faker;


    An in-depth overview of the API methods is available in the documentation. The API covers the following modules:

    Module Example Output
    Address faker.address.city() Lake Raoulfort
    Animal faker.animal.type() Dog, cat, snake, bear, lion, etc.
    Commerce faker.commerce.product() Polo t-shirt
    Company faker.company.companyName() Zboncak and Sons
    Database faker.database.engine() MyISAM
    Datatype faker.datatype.uuid() 1oijf8-3iuhiu-21jddj-1092jf
    Date faker.date.past() Sat Oct 20 2018 04:19:38 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)
    Finance faker.finance.amount() ¥23400 (After setting locale)
    Git faker.git.commitMessage() feat: add products list page
    Hacker faker.hacker.phrase() Try to reboot the SQL bus, maybe it will bypass the virtual application!
    Helpers faker.helpers.userCard() { avatar: '...', email: '{ first }{ last }{ number }@{domain}', first: '...' }

    All of the values are self-consistent (e.g. same first + last name in the email, too)
    Image faker.image.avatar() https://s3.amazonaws.com/uifaces/faces/twitter/martip07/128.jpg
    Internet faker.internet.color() #630c7b
    Lorem faker.lorem.paragraph() Word, words, sentences, slug (lorem-ipsum), paragraph(s), text, lines
    Music faker.music.genre() R&B
    Name faker.name.firstName() Cameron
    Phone faker.phone.phoneNumber() +1 291-299-0192
    Random faker.random.locale() fr_CA
    System faker.system.directoryPath() C:\Documents\Newsletters\
    Vehicle faker.vehicle.vehicle() 2011 Dodge Caravan

    API Methods

    Faker provides many useful utility functions.

    • faker.address

      API Description
      zipCode Get fake zip code
      zipCodeByState Get fake zip code by state
      city Get fake city
      cityPrefix Get fake city prefix
      citySuffix Get fake city suffix
      cityName Get fake city name
      streetName Get fake street name
      streetAddress Get fake street address
      streetSuffix Get fake street suffix
      streetPrefix Get fake street prefix
      secondaryAddress Get fake secondary address
      county Get fake county
      country Get fake country
      countryCode Get fake country code
      state Get fake state
      stateAbbr Get fake state abbreviation
      latitude Get fake latitude
      longitude Get fake longitude
      direction Get fake direction
      cardinalDirection Get fake cardinal direction
      ordinalDirection Get fake ordinal direction
      nearbyGPSCoordinate Get fake near by gps coordinate
      timeZone Get fake timezone
    • faker.animal

      API Description
      dog Get fake dog type
      cat Get fake cat type
      snake Get fake snake type
      bear Get fake bear type
      lion Get fake lion type
      cetacean Get fake cetacean type
      horse Get fake horse type
      bird Get fake bird type
      cow Get fake cow type
      fish Get fake fish type
      crocodilia Get fake crocodilia type
      insect Get fake insect type
      rabbit Get fake rabbit type
    • faker.commerce

      API Description
      color Get fake color name
      department Get fake department name
      productName Get fake product name
      price Get fake price count
      productAdjective Get fake product adjective
      productMaterial Get fake product material data
      product Get fake product name
      productDescription Get fake product description
    • faker.company

      API Description
      suffixes Get fake company suffixes
      companyName Get fake company name
      companySuffix Get fake company suffix
      bs Get fake company business services
      catchPhraseAdjective Get fake product adjective
      catchPhraseDescriptor Get fake product material data
      catchPhraseNoun Get fake product name
      bsAdjective Get fake business services adjective
      bsBuzz Get fake business services buzz
      bsNoun Get fake business services noun
    • faker.database

      API Description
      column Get fake database column name
      type Get fake database column datatype
      collation Get fake database collation
      engine Get fake database engine
    • faker.datatype

      API Description
      number Generates a random number
      float Generates a random floating number
      datetime Generates a random datetime
      string Generates a random string
      uuid Generates a valid uuid
      boolean Generates a boolean
      hexaDecimal Generates a hexadecimal
      json Generates a valid json object
      array Generates an array
    • faker.date

      API Description
      past Get a date N years into the past
      future Get a date N years into the future
      between Get a random date between the dates given
      betweens Get an array of 3 dates ( by default ) of sorted randoms dates between the dates given
      recent Get a date N days from the recent past
      soon Get a date N days into the future
      month Generates a random value of date month
      weekday Generates a random value of date weekday
    • faker.fake

    • faker.finance

      API Description
      account Generates a random finance account
      accountName Generates a random finance account name
      routingNumber Generates a random finance routing number
      mask Generates a random finance mask template
      amount Generates a random amount of transaction
      transactionType Generates a random transaction type
      currencyCode Generates a random currency code
      currencyName Generates a random currency name
      currencySymbol Generates a random currency symbol
      bitcoinAddress Generates a random bitcoin address
      litecoinAddress Generates a random litecoin address
      creditCardNumber Generates a random credit card number
      creditCardCVV Generates a random credit card CVV
      ethereumAddress Generates a random ethereum address (ETH address)
      iban Generates a random IBAN
      bic Generates a random BIC
      transactionDescription Generates a random transaction description
    • faker.git

      API Description
      branch Generates a random branch with hacker noun and verb
      commitEntry Generates a random commit entry with git commit message and sha
      commitMessage Generates a random commit message with hacker noun, adj and verb
      commitSha Generates a random commit SHA
      shortSha Generates a random short SHA
    • faker.hacker

      API Description
      abbreviation Generates a random hacker abbreviation
      adjective Generates a random hacker adjective
      noun Generates a random hacker noun
      verb Generates a random hacker verb
      ingverb Generates a random hacker ingverb
      phrase Generates a random hacker phrase
    • faker.helpers

      API Description
      randomize Get a random element from an array
      slugify Removes unwanted characters from URI string
      replaceSymbolWithNumber Parses string for a symbol and replace it with a random number from 1-10
      replaceSymbols Parses string for symbols (numbers or letters) and replaces them appropriately (# will be replaced with number, ? with letter and * will be replaced with number or letter)
      replaceCreditCardSymbols Replace symbols in a credit card schema including Luhn checksum
      repeatString String repeat helper, alternative to String.prototype.repeat
      shuffle Takes an array and randomizes it in place then returns it using the modern version of the Fisher-Yates algorithm
      mustache Generates a string with mustache {{ }}
      createCard Generates a human card
      contextualCard Generates a human contextual card
      userCard Generates a website user card
      createTransaction Generates a transaction
    • faker.image

      API Description
      image Generates a random image
      avatar Generates a random avatar
      imageUrl Generates a random image url
      abstract Generates a random abstract image
      animals Generates a random animals image
      business Generates a random business image
      cats Generates a random cats image
      city Generates a random city image
      food Generates a random food image
      nightlife Generates a random nightlife image
      fashion Generates a random fashion image
      people Generates a random people image
      nature Generates a random nature image
      sports Generates a random sports image
      technics Generates a random technics image
      transport Generates a random transport image
      dataUri Generates a random data uri
      lorempixel Generates a random image url from lorempixel
      unsplash Generates a random image url from unsplash
      lorempicsum Generates a random image url from lorem picsum
    • faker.internet

      API Description
      avatar Generates a random avatar
      email Generates a random email
      exampleEmail Generates a random example email
      userName Generates a random user name
      protocol Generates a random internet protocol (http or https)
      httpMethod Generates a random http method
      url Generates a random url
      domainName Generates a random domain name
      domainSuffix Generates a random domain suffix
      domainWord Generates a random domain word
      ip Generates a random ip
      ipv6 Generates a random ipv6
      port Generates a random port number
      userAgent Generates a random user agent
      color Generates a random hexadecimal color
      mac Generates a random mac address
      password Generates a random password
    • faker.lorem

      API Description
      word Generates a random lorem word
      words Generates a random lorem words
      sentence Generates a random lorem sentence
      slug Generates a random lorem slug
      sentences Generates a random lorem sentences
      paragraph Generates a random lorem paragraph
      paragraphs Generates a random lorem paragraphs
      text Generates a random lorem text
      lines Generates a random lorem lines
    • faker.mersenne

      API Description
      rand Generates a random mersenne rand
      seed Generates a random mersenne seed
      seed_array Generates a random datetime seed init by array
    • faker.music

      API Description
      genre Generates a random music genre
    • faker.name

      API Description
      firstName Generates a random human first name
      lastName Generates a random human last name
      middleName Generates a random human middle name
      findName Generates a random human first name and last name
      jobTitle Generates a random human job title, combination of jobDescriptor, jobArea and jobType
      gender Generates a random gender
      prefix Generates a random locale with gender specific name prefix
      suffix Generates a random locale with gender specific name suffix
      title Generates a random human title
      jobDescriptor Generates a random human job descriptor
      jobArea Generates a random human job area
      jobType Generates a random human job type
    • faker.phone

      API Description
      phoneNumber Generates a random phone number
      phoneNumberFormat Generates a random phone number with requested format (Array index)
      phoneFormats Generates a random phone number format
    • faker.random

      API Description
      arrayElement Takes an array and returns a random element of the array
      arrayElements Takes an array and returns a subset with random elements of the array
      objectElement Takes an object and returns a random key or value
      word Generates a random word
      words Generate N random words, with N defaulting to a random number between 1 and 3
      locale Generates a random locale
      alpha Generates lower/upper alphabetic characters
      alphaNumeric Generates alphanumeric characters
    • faker.system

      API Description
      fileName Generates a random filenames without system path separators
      commonFileName Generates a random filenames without system path separators
      mimeType Generates a random mimetypes
      commonFileType Generates a random commonly used file type
      commonFileExt Generates a random commonly used file extension
      fileType Get any file type available as mime-type
      fileExt Generates a random file extension
      directoryPath Generates a random directory path
      filePath Generates a random unix fs file full path
      semver Generate semantic version
    • faker.time

      API Description
      recent Get recent timestamp in Unix time format
    • faker.unique

    • faker.vehicle

      API Description
      vehicle Generates a random vehicle name
      manufacturer Generates a random vehicle manufacturer name
      model Generates a random vehicle model name
      type Generates a random vehicle type
      fuel Generates a random vehicle fuel type
      vin Generates a random vehicle vin number
      color Generates a random vehicle color
      vrm Generates a random vehicle vrm
      bicycle Generates a random bicycle type


    Faker contains a super useful generator method Faker.fake for combining faker API methods using a mustache string format.


      faker.fake('{{name.lastName}}, {{name.firstName}} {{name.suffix}}')

    This will interpolate the format string with the value of methods name.lastName(), name.firstName(), and name.suffix()


    Faker has support for multiple locales.

    The default language locale is set to English.

    Setting a new locale is simple:

    // sets locale to de
    faker.locale = 'de';

    See our documentation for a list of provided languages

    Individual Localization Packages

    Faker supports incremental loading of locales.

    // loads only de locale
    const faker = require('@faker-js/faker/locale/de');

    Setting a randomness seed

    If you want consistent results, you can set your own seed:

    const firstRandom = faker.datatype.number();
    // Setting the seed again resets the sequence.
    const secondRandom = faker.datatype.number();
    console.log(firstRandom === secondRandom);


    Building Faker

    The project is being built by esbuild (see bundle.ts)

    pnpm install
    pnpm run build


    pnpm install
    pnpm run build
    pnpm run test
    # or
    pnpm run coverage

    You can view a code coverage report generated in coverage/index.html.

    Developing the docs

    # build the Faker dist
    # it's used inside of certain routes
    pnpm run build
    pnpm run docs:dev

    Building and serving the docs statically

    # build the Faker dist
    # it's used inside of certain routes
    pnpm run build
    pnpm run docs:build # Output docs to /dist
    pnpm run docs:serve # Serve docs from /dist

    Deploying Documentation

    The website is kindly hosted for free by the Netlify team under their Open Source plan. See the netlify.toml for configuration.

    What happened to the original faker.js?

    Read the team update (January 14th, 2022).


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