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    React Exit Modal for Typeform

    This is a react component that provides an embedded typeform for use a exit modal survey. Use-cases are:

    • Applications that want to collect information when users cancel a subscription or deactivate a feature in the main app.
    • Triggering a Typeform survey from any user action in an application.

    The modal that opens has an initial "options" view where the user is presented with two buttons. One to fill out a survey, and another to skip the survey. Skipping the survey will continue on with the original action triggered. If they choose to fill out a survey, then the next view in the modal will present them with an embedded typeform to fill out.


    Install the module

    npm install @eventespresso/react-exit-modal-typeform


    A very basic usage example (triggering outside react):

    1. Importing the component
    2. Attaching the modal to the DOM on your trigger action
    3. Setting a listener for the custom modal close callback
    import React from 'react';
    import ReactDOM from 'react-dom';
    import $ from 'jquery';
    import ReactModal from 'react-modal';
    import ExitModal, { CLOSE_MODAL_EVENT } from '@eventespresso/react-exit-modal-typeform';
    const modalProps = {
        typeFormUrl: 'https://yourtypeformdomain.typeform.com/to/XXXXX'
    * Element that the modal is anchored to
    const modalAnchor = document.getElementById('react-cancel-modal');
    let modalComponent = {};
    const closeModalCallback = (e) => {
        //do stuff that happens after the modal closes, eg continue with a subscription cancel action etc.
        //make sure you remove the event listener.
        modalComponent.el.removeEventListener(CLOSE_MODAL_EVENT, closeModalCallback);
    $('.some-dom-element-trigger-container').on('click', '.element-clicked', function(e) {
       modalComponent = ReactDOM.render(
           <ExitModal {...modalProps} />,
       //set listener

    There are a number of properties you can use to control the ExitModal. The only required property is the typeFormUrl property.

    Property Type Description
    showModal bool Whether to initialize with the modal open or not.
    showTypeForm bool Whether to display the typeForm right away or not.
    styles object You set inline styles for the modal via this property.
    styles.overlay object Inline styles for the overlay when the modal is open. Use javascript DOM style notation for the keys.
    Note: It's recommended you use modalClassName and style via css class instead. However inline styles are provided for cases where style attributes may be dynamically calculated.
    styles.content object Inline styles for the modal content container.
    styles.typeFormStyle object Inline styles for the container holding the embedded typeform (defaults to 600x400).
    buttonClass object Provde css class for button styles.
    buttonClass.doSurvey string CSS classname for the button triggering doing the survey.
    buttonClass.closeModal string CSS classname for the button triggering closing the modal.
    modalClassName object Provide css class to use with styling.
    modalClassName.content string CSS classname to use for the modal content container.
    modalClassName.overlay string CSS classname to use for the modal overlay.
    typeFormUrl string required The url to your TypeForm that will be embedded in the modal content.
    introText string Text displayed in the initial view. Defaults to We're sorry to see you go! Will you share feedback through a short survey to help us improve our product?
    skipButtonText string Skip button text. Defaults to Skip
    doSurveyButtonText string Start survey button text. Defaults to Sure I'll help!


    npm i @eventespresso/react-exit-modal-typeform

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