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Europeana Collections portal, made with Vue.js + Nuxt.js

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  1. Node.js version 16, and npm
  2. Contentful CMS account
  3. Redis cache (included as Docker Compose service for development)


Configuration options can be set in a .env file (see .env.example) or via ENV variables on your machine.

Some core features such as authentication and editorial content require the relevant configuration options to be specified. In particular, pay attention to the Europeana APIs, Contentful, Redis and oAuth sections in the example .env file.


# start services
docker-compose up

# install package dependencies
npm install

# serve with hot reload at localhost:3000
npm run dev

# build for production and launch server
npm run build
npm start

For detailed explanation on how things work, refer to Nuxt.js docs.


To run end-to-end tests, you will need Docker Engine and Compose installed and the docker service running.

Run the full test suite with: npm test

Unit tests

npm run test:unit runs all unit tests.

To run unit tests from a single file, append the full path, e.g. npm run test:unit tests/unit/components/PageHeader.spec.js

End-to-end tests

First, create an env file for the app container, copying tests/e2e/docker/app/.env.example to tests/e2e/docker/app/.env and populating with actual API keys.

npm run test:e2e runs all end-to-end feature tests.

To run a single end-to-end test file, append the full path, e.g. npm run test:e2e tests/e2e/features/common/header.feature

If you have modified app files and want to re-run e2e tests, you will need to first rebuild the generated Docker images in the test stack, with npm run test:stack:rebuild

Visual tests

Ensure that you have set a Percy token as PERCY_TOKEN in tests/e2e/docker/nightwatch-visual/.env, then run npm run test:visual.


Licensed under the EUPL v1.2.

For full details, see LICENSE.md.



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