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This package contains scripts for building PowerBI visuals using the Essex PowerBI build system. This build system is designed to emulate the high-level features of the PowerBI-visuals-tools, including the developer visual and bundling capabilities, but using webpack and more normative Typescript idioms (e.g. excluding namespaces, allowing imports).

The scripts here are automatically included when executing create-powerbi-visual <name>. To add them manually:

npm install @essex/powerbi-visual-scripts --save-dev

Edit package.json:

  "scripts" : {
    "install-certificate": "essex-powerbi-visual-scripts install-certificate",
    "start": "essex-powerbi-visual-scripts start",
    "package": "essex-powerbi-visual-scripts package"

The certificate used by this tool is the same as in the official PowerBI-visuals-tools project. To install the certs, execute: npm run install-certificate. The certificate should be added to your cert-store and trusted in order to use the PowerBI developer visual.