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A class designed to handle common tasks of configurable ArcGIS Web Applications.

See Configurable App Examples using this class.


The purpose of this ApplicationBase is to handle fetching and managing ArcGIS Online information used in configurable applications. The ApplicationBase queries and maintains:

  • Portal information
  • User information
  • Item data (webscenes, webmaps, group information, group items)
  • Configured application information
  • URL parameters

The ApplicationBase will handle fetching this information, store it, and perform setup when necessary.


This is the API for the ApplicationBase class. ApplicationBase.js


new ApplicationBase(ApplicationConfig: ApplicationConfig, ApplicationBaseConfig: ApplicationBaseConfig)

Constructor Options

See ApplicationConfig and ApplicationBaseConfig for more information.


property description type default
appid Application ID for querying application configuration string ""
group Group ID for querying a portal group string or string[] ""
webscene WebScene ID for querying a webscene string or string[] "19faa71a3bf6468cae35b4fce9393a7d"
webmap WebMap ID for querying a webmap string or string[] ""
title Title of the application string ""
portalUrl URL to the ArcGIS Portal string "https://www.arcgis.com"
oauthappid oAuth authentication ID string ""
proxyUrl Enter the url to the proxy if needed by the application. See the Using the proxy page help topic for details. string ""
units Application measurement units string ""
helperServices Object containing URLs to various helper services HelperServices null


  "appid": "",
  "group": "",
  "title": "",
  "webmap": "default",
  "webscene": "",
  "portalUrl": "https://www.arcgis.com",
  "oauthappid": "",
  "proxyUrl": "",
  "units": "",


property description type default
webscene.default The default id to query when not set string ""
webscene.fetch When true the application will query for a webscene Boolean true
webscene.fetchMultiple When true the application will query for multiple webscenes if necessary Boolean true
webmap.default The default id to query when not set string ""
webmap.fetch When true the application will query for a webmap Boolean false
webmap.fetchMultiple When true the application will query for multiple webmaps if necessary Boolean true
group.fetchInfo When true the application will query for a group's information Boolean false
group.fetchItems When true the application will query for a group's items Boolean false
group.itemParams Defines query paramaters for fetching group items itemParams {}
group.fetchMultiple When true the application will query for multiple groups if necessary Boolean true
portal.fetch When true the application will query arcgis.com for default settings for helper services, units etc. If you want to use custom settings for units or any of the helper services set this to false then enter default values for any items you need using the helper services and units properties. Boolean true
urlParams Defines which URL parameters should be captured and stored into the config for use within the application String[] See below
environment.webTierSecurity Support sending credentials with AJAX requests to specific domains. This will allow editing of feature services secured with web-tier authentication Boolean false
environment.isEsri Most users will not need to modify this value. For Esri hosting environments only. Will automatically create a portalUrl and proxyUrl for the application. Only set this is to true if the app is going to be stored on Esri's hosting servers. If you are using your own custom hosted portal, set the portalUrl in instead of setting this to true. Boolean false


  "environment": {
    "isEsri": false,
    "webTierSecurity": false
  "localStorage": {
    "fetch": true
  "group": {
    "default": "908dd46e749d4565a17d2b646ace7b1a",
    "fetchInfo": false,
    "fetchItems": false,
    "itemParams": {
      "sortField": "modified",
      "sortOrder": "desc",
      "num": 9,
      "start": 0
  "portal": {
    "fetch": true
  "urlParams": [
  "webmap": {
    "default": "1970c1995b8f44749f4b9b6e81b5ba45",
    "fetch": true
  "webscene": {
    "default": "e8f078ba0c1546b6a6e0727f877742a5",
    "fetch": false


See PortalQueryParams


  "query": "group:\"{groupid}\" AND -type:\"Code Attachment\"",
  "sortField": "modified",
  "sortOrder": "desc",
  "num": 9,
  "start": 0


property description type readonly
config Config created ApplicationConfig true
direction Language direction string true
locale Locale string string true
isIE True when IE11 and older boolean boolean true
portal Portal created by ApplicationBase Portal true
results ApplicationBase query results ApplicationBaseResults true
settings Config created ApplicationBaseConfig true
units Appropriate units of measurement string true


property description type
error The error returned from the query Error
value The value returned from the query any
promise The query promise Promise<any>


property description type
applicationItem? The application item result ApplicationBaseResult
applicationData? The application data result ApplicationBaseResult
groupInfos? The restults from querying group infos ApplicationBaseResult[]
groupItems? The results from querying group items ApplicationBaseResult[]
localStorage? The local storage configuration result ApplicationConfig
portal? The Portal instance result Portal
urlParams? The results from URL parameters ApplicationConfig
webMapItems? The restults from querying webmap items ApplicationBaseResult[]
webSceneItems? The restults from querying webscene items ApplicationBaseResult[]


load(): Promise<ApplicationBase>

Loads the requested ApplicationBase resources and returns the class once complete.

queryGroupItems(groupId: string, itemParams: itemParams, portal?: Portal) : Promise<any>

Query a group by parameters. ApplicationBase.queryGroupItems("myid", {}, myPortal).

Support Modules

There are helper modules and utilities you can use that contain common application functionality. See the following documentation:




Find a bug or want to request a new feature? Please let us know by submitting an issue.


Esri welcomes contributions from anyone and everyone. Please see our guidelines for contributing.


Copyright 2017 Esri

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at


Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License.

A copy of the license is available in the repository's license.txt file.


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