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Svelte Star Rating

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💻 Project

Simple Svelte component, with no dependencies, for implementing and capturing assessments through a simple and intuitive interface that will take you to the stars.

See this demo!!

📦 Installation

$ npm install @ernane/svelte-star-rating # => or yarn

⚠️ if using SvelteKit or Sapper, it is advised to install as a development dependency:

$ npm install @ernane/svelte-star-rating --save-dev # => or yarn

📁 Features

This package will add a svelte component that may or may not receive a configuration object with the following attributes shown below.

  • ⚙️ General Settings
Attribute Data Type Required Default
readOnly bool false false
countStars integer false 5
score float false 0.0
showScore bool false true
scoreFormat function false precent
name String false ""

In addition, we have two other nested attributes that specify distinct settings.

  • 📏 Range
Attribute Data Type Required Default
min integer false 0
max integer false 5
step float false 0.001
  • Setting of the Stars:
Attribute Data Type Required Default
size integer false 30
fillColor String false #F9ED4F
strokeColor String false #BB8511
unfilledColor String false #FFF
strokeUnfilledColor String false #000

In the end, the configuration object will be similar to the one shown below.

const config = {
  readOnly: false,
  countStars: 5,
  range: {
    min: 0, 
    max: 5, 
    step: 0.001
  score: 0.0,
  showScore: true,
  scoreFormat: function(){ return `(${this.score.toFixed(0)}/${this.countStars})` },
  name: "",
  starConfig: {
    size: 30,
    fillColor: '#F9ED4F',
    strokeColor: "#BB8511",
    unfilledColor: '#FFF',
    strokeUnfilledColor: '#000'
  • 🎯 Events

In addition, it is also possible to observe events of the component itself that will be executed in an internal element from a defined action. Below are the available events.

Type Target Required Default
change input.slider false null

💡 Use

  • Import the component

    import StarRating from "@ernane/svelte-star-rating";
  • Create the configuration object

    const config = { ... }

    **As shown in the previous section

  • Finally, use it! 🎉

    <StarRating {config}/>

If you would like to implement or improve any feature feel free to submit a pull request. I would love to receive!

Developed with by Ernane Ferreira. 👋🏻

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