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    This package is a collection of the system icons from the Equinor Design System as javascript objects.


    npm install @equinor/eds-icons 

    If you use Typescript, make sure you have typescript >= 3.8 as a devDependency:

    npm install typescript --save-dev


    Import svg data:

    import { save } from "@equinor/eds-icons"


    We have developed a react component to simplify use of the EDS icons library within react.

    import { Icon } from '@equinor/eds-core-react'
    import { save } from '@equinor/eds-icons'
    // Use library approach 
    Icon.add({ save }) // (this needs only be done once)
    <Icon name="save" />
    // OR 
    // Use directly via data prop:
    <Icon data={save} />


    • If you are using NodeJS 13+ for module loading, it now has native ES modules support. Add "type":"module" to your apps package.json to enable this.

    • If you get a syntax error trying to import ES module, try importing the CJS module as not all loaders have support for ES modules yet

    Rendering icons

    You can render it using plain svg or use our provided React Icon component in @equinor/eds-core-react

    ⚠️ Due to how Figma parses and exports svg icons the following attributes must be added to your <path></path> element; fill-rule="evenodd" clip-rule="evenodd"

    Use EDS Assets in Figma(Equinor Figma account needed🔒) or storefront for icon names. Spaces in icon names are replaced with underscores.

    star-filled -> star_filled.

    Example of javascript object data

      name: 'star_filled',
      prefix: 'eds',
      height: '24',
      width: '24',
      svgPathData: 'M12 16.067l4.947 3.6-1.894-5.814L20 10.334h-6.067l-1.933-6-1.933 6H4l4.947 3.52-1.894 5.814 4.947-3.6z',


    The EDS system icons are built on a copy of the Outlined Material Design icons provided open-source by Google. The icons have been customised and renamed for Equinor’s use.


    npm i @equinor/eds-icons

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