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Mark’s Holistic JavaScript Conventions & Practices

Table of Contents


$ weaver-build --mode=[build|release] --browser --node --production

Javascript library builder for nodejs & browser.

  • build mode creates a commonjs and es6 bundle
  • release mode creates a umd bundle


$ weaver-test --browser --node --watch

Javascript library testing for nodejs & browser. weaver-test uses karma test runner under the hood.

  • Runs browser tests in test/*.spec.js & test/browser/*.spec.js
  • Runs nodejs tests in test/*.spec.js & test/node/*.spec.js
  • Given SAUCE_USERNAME & SAUCE_ACCESS_KEY environment variables will run the unit tests on Sauce Labs' browser cloud
  • By default runs the unit tests in Firefox and Xvfb virtual framebuffer


$ weaver-pack [--serve|--build] [--production]

Simplified webpack configuration for building vue applications. weaver-pack uses .weaver.yml file in the root of your repository to learn about your project and how you want your builds to be executed.

title: Untitled
lang: en
  - last 2 versions
  - safari >= 7
  property: 'description'
    content: Description goes here
  - vue
  - vuex
  - vue-router


$ weaver-readme

Process through remark

  • Generate a Table of Contents
  • Auto-link references like in GitHub issues, PRs, and comments
  • Fix common typography issues


$ weaver-changelog

Generate a changelog from git metadata.

Commit Message Conventions

<type>: <subject>

Each commit message type should be one of

  • new/feat/add for new features
  • change/breaking for changes in existing functionality
  • deprecate for features removed in upcoming releases
  • remove for deprecated features removed in this release.
  • fix for any bug fixes.
  • sec/security to invite users to upgrade in case of vulnerabilities
  • performance/perf for performance changes in existing functionality
  • test/tests for unit and end-to-end tests


weaver is released under the terms of the BSD-3-Clause license.