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Cross-platform command line interface for OneDrive (Personal)


$ git clone https://github.com/enumatech/onedrive-cli.git
$ cd onedrive-cli
$ npm install
$ bin/onedrive login


usage: onedrive COMMAND [arguments]

This little utility supports the following commands:

  • cat - dumps the contents of a file to stdout
  • chmod - change sharing permissions
  • cp - copies local file(s) to OneDrive or vice-versa
  • df - shows OneDrive storage usage stats
  • find - return remote filename(s), optionally separated by NUL
  • help - shows list of supported commands
  • ln - create a link to the remote item
  • login - request/store an OAuth access token
  • ls - list the contents of a folder
  • mv - move a local file to OneDrive or vice-versa
  • rm - delete a file from OneDrive (not implemented)
  • sendmail - send an invitation email for editing to recipients
  • stat - dump all information for particular file(s)
  • wget - copy a remote URL to OneDrive (server side)


List the contents of the Public folder

onedrive ls Public

Grep one file

onedrive cat Documents/passwords | grep boa

Let OneDrive upload a file server side

onedrive wget http://mega.com/somehugepublicfile Documents/somehugepublicfile

Upload files recursively

find * -type f -print0 | xargs -0 -n1 -I{} onedrive cp "./{}" "Shared Favorites/{}"


Access token was not found; 'login' first.

The onedrive utility needs an access token in order to read/write to your OneDrive storage. Use theonedrive login command to get the address of the Microsoft login page. After login, this page will redirect to the file oauthcallbackhandler.html (https://github.com/enumatech/onedrive-cli/blob/master/docs/oauthcallbackhandler.html) and extract the access_token from the URL parameters. Copy-paste this token into the command line. This will save the token in a file called ~/.onedrive-cli-token. These tokens have a validity of 1 hour.

"An item with the same name already exists under the parent"

Currently, a copy will fail if a file with the same it already exists. Change the name of the target, or use other means to delete/rename the existing file in your OneDrive.

Invalid source name

You cannot copy folders. Specify a source file instead, or use wildcards.

Invalid target name

The target file name cannot be determined from the source path. Specify a target file name.

Use ./ or :/ path prefix for local or remote paths.

The cp command supports both local->remote as well as remote->local copy. To make it clear which path is remote and which is local, either use ./ as a prefix for the local path, or use :/ as a prefix for the remote path. Either one will suffice.

chmod: Invalid file mode

The chmod command currently only supports -w or -rw. The former tried to downgrade write shares to read-only, whereas the latter removes all shares for the given item(s). Octal modes are accepted (for example 644, 0700) as well as og-rw or g-w.


  • Implement rm
  • Register with NPM
  • Support gzip/deflate encoding for downloads
  • Uploads larger than 100MiB are not yet supported (needs range API)
  • Support OneDrive for Business
  • Ability to get the link for a file


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