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Aleo utilities in JavaScript

Aleo high-level utilities in javascript to handle Accounts and Node connections in the browser.

Makes use of Aleo-SDK under the hood.

This package provides the following structures to work with:

  1. Account
  2. Node Connection

If you'd like to read more about Aleo accounts, private keys, etc., you may refer to Aleo's docs

Happy hacking!

Getting Started

  1. To build the project, go to the project's root and execute npm run build.
  2. To start the development server, execute cd dev_site && npx webpack build to run webpack, and then npm run dev

You can now connect to localhost:4000 and start using Aleo.JS functionalities!

For example, you could try the following in the browser console:

>> const {Account, NodeConnection} = await AleoJS

>> let account = new Account()

// Get the account's address
>> account.address().to_string()

>> let connection = new NodeConnection("http://localhost:4130") // Or your node's IP or domain

// Associate the account to the new NodeConnection
>> connection.setAccount(account)

// Get all the ciphertexts for the setted account
>> connection.getAllCiphertexts()

// Get and log all the unspent ciphertexts for the setted account
>> connection.getUnspentCiphertexts().then( (cyphers) => console.log(cyphers))

// Get, decrypt and log all the unspent ciphertexts for the setted account
>> connection.getUnspentCiphertexts().then( (cyphers) => console.log(account.decryptRecord(cyphers[0]).to_string()))

// Get the node's latest block height
>> connection.getLatestHeight()

// Get a transaction by its id
>> connection.getTransaction("at1handz9xjrqeynjrr0xay4pcsgtnczdksz3e584vfsgaz0dh0lyxq43a4wj")

// Get a block by its number
>> connection.getBlock(1)

Extra Aleo Tools

Aleo SDK account generator

Aleo SDK repo (Entropy1729 fork)

Aleo web

You can visit the SnarkVM repo and SnarkOS repo to go deep into the code of aleo infrastructure



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