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    Origin UI Theme


    Material-UI theme configuration and helper functions for styling components used for building Origin marketplace user interface.

    This package can also be used as a reference when building custom theme configuration.

    Origin UI Theme is a component of Energy Web Origin's SDK.


    This package is available through the npm registry.

    npm install @energyweb/origin-ui-theme
    yarn add @energyweb/origin-ui-theme


    Before installing make sure you have react >= 17.0.2 installed.


    1. Using default theme configuration
    import React, { FC } from 'react';
    import { makeOriginUiTheme, useThemeModeStore } from '@energyweb/origin-ui-theme';
    import StyledEngineProvider from '@mui/material/StyledEngineProvider';
    import { ThemeProvider } from '@mui/material/styles';
    export const OriginThemeProvider = ({ children }) => {
      // if using 2 themes
      const themeMode = useThemeModeStore();
      const originTheme = makeOriginUiTheme({ themeMode });
      return (
        <StyledEngineProvider injectFirst>
          <ThemeProvider theme={originTheme}>

    Then in your index.j(t)sx or main.j(t)sx :

          <App />
    1. Custom theme configuration makeOriginUiTheme accepts 2 argements:
    • themeMode: ThemeModeEnum ('light' | 'dark')
    • colorsConfig: OriginUiThemeVariables
      primaryColor: string;
      primaryColorDark: string;
      primaryColorDim: string;
      textColorDefault: string;
      inputAutofillColor: string;
      simpleTextColor: string;
      bodyBackgroundColor: string;
      mainBackgroundColor: string;
      fieldIconColor: string;
      fontFamilyPrimary: string;
      fontFamilySecondary: string;
      fontSize: number;

    By providing colors config - you can change the color scheme of your app, without deep diving into theme configuration.

    • If you pass colorsConfig into makeOriginUiTheme - you have to handle theme colors change on your side by substituting the colorConfig on themeMode change.
    1. Helper functions
    LightenColor(color: string, percent: number, themeMode?: PaletteMode): string
    • color in hex format
    • percent can be either positive or negative number (int, decimal) reflecting the percentage of a change to be applied. If the number is positive - it will lighten the color, if negative - darken.
    • themeMode - if supplied will keep percent the same number for 'dark' theme, while inverting the number for the 'light' theme.
    HexToRGBA(hexCode: string, opacity: number) => string;
    1. Providers
       <App />
    • React context provider.
    • Gives access to current themeMode via useThemeModeStore hook.
    • Gives access to themeMode setState function via useThemeModeDispatch hook.

    Contributing Guidelines


    Energy Web Decentralized Operating System

    EW-Origin is a component of the Energy Web Decentralized Operating System (EW-DOS).

    The purpose of EW-DOS is to develop and deploy an open and decentralized digital operating system for the energy sector in support of a low-carbon, customer-centric energy future.

    We develop blockchain technology, full-stack applications and middleware packages that facilitate participation of Distributed Energy Resources on the grid and create open market places for transparent and efficient renewable energy trading.

    • To learn about more about the EW-DOS tech stack, see our documentation

    For a deep-dive into the motivation and methodology behind our technical solutions, read our White Papers:

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    This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details




    npm i @energyweb/origin-ui-theme

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