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    The Exchange package is a NestJS application that provides backend services to manage the Exchange's functionality (account management and buying, selling and transferring Energy Attribute Certificates through an order book system).

    It is a component of Energy Web Origin's Trade SDK.


    Contributing Guidelines


    Energy Web Decentralized Operating System

    EW-Origin is a component of the Energy Web Decentralized Operating System (EW-DOS).

    The purpose of EW-DOS is to develop and deploy an open and decentralized digital operating system for the energy sector in support of a low-carbon, customer-centric energy future.

    We develop blockchain technology, full-stack applications and middleware packages that facilitate participation of Distributed Energy Resources on the grid and create open market places for transparent and efficient renewable energy trading.

    • To learn about more about the EW-DOS tech stack, see our documentation

    For a deep-dive into the motivation and methodology behind our technical solutions, read our White Papers:

    Connect with Energy Web


    This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details


    Exchange project is currently not meant to be run as a separate nest application. In order to run exchange project please refer to

    Default TypeOrm configuration requires running PostgreSQL database. The detailed config with .env parameters is:

    DB_HOST      - default 'localhost'
    DB_PORT      - default 5432
    DB_USERNAME  - default 'postgres',
    DB_PASSWORD  - default 'postgres',
    DB_DATABASE  - default 'origin',


    DATABASE_URL  - postgres://{user}:{password}@{host}:{port}/{database}

    Using TypeORM migrations

    Exchange project uses TypeORM mechanism to perform SQL data migrations. For detailed information please refer to

    • yarn typeorm:run to update DB to latest exchange tables schema
    • yarn typeorm:migrate SampleMigrationName to create new migration file based on the changes in the code entities

    Development flow:

    • run yarn typeorm:run - to apply latest migrations
    • apply changes in the entities, like change the variable name or type
    • run yarn typeorm:migrate LastestChanges...
    • inspect newly created migration in /migrations folder
    • run yarn typeorm:run to apply newly created migration


    Existing migration files from /migration folder should never be edited after being committed.

    PostgreSQL installation using Docker

    docker pull postgres
    docker run --name origin-postgres -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=postgres -d -p 5432:5432 postgres


    docker pull dpage/pgadmin4
    docker run -p 80:80 \
        -e '' \
        -e 'PGADMIN_DEFAULT_PASSWORD=SuperSecret' \
        -d dpage/pgadmin4

    SQL dump

    example/example.sql contains a dump of database filled in with the example data:

    1. User with id=1 as a buyer (owner of the bid orders)
    2. User with id=2 as a seller (owner of the ask orders), with confirmed deposit of 100MWh (100000000)
    3. 3 open bids with prices 90,85,75 for {"deviceType":["Solar;Photovoltaic;Classic silicon"],"location":["Thailand;Central;Nakhon Pathom"],"deviceVintage":{"year":2016}}
    4. 3 open asks with prices 110,120,130 for {"deviceType":["Solar;Photovoltaic;Classic silicon"],"location":["Thailand;Central;Nakhon Pathom"],"deviceVintage":{"year":2016}}
    5. 3 open bids with prices 79,78,77 for {"deviceType":["Wind"],"location":["Thailand;Northeast"]
    6. 3 open asks with prices 80,85,86 for {"deviceType":["Wind;Onshore"],"location":["Thailand;Northeast;Nakhon Ratchasima"],"deviceVintage":{"year":2014}}
    7. 1 filled ask
    8. 1 partially filled bid
    9. 1 trade

    In order to deploy the data please use pgadmin or psql or similar tools to import *.sql tool.

    Notice that you might need to remove previously imported data in case of PK violations. Use

    TRUNCATE "account","asset","demand","order","trade","transfer" CASCADE

    with caution.

    This can be used for fast integrations and testing


    Swagger endpoint can be found at





    npm i @energyweb/exchange

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