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    The EDK (ELARA Development Kit for IO) is a CLI and API to manage extended features of ELARA datasources.


    The EDK-IO package can be installed with npm:

    $ npm install -g @elaraai/edk-io


    The EDK-IO can be used either as the CLI or API.

    CLI Usage

    Once the EDK-IO is installed globally, the CLI can be invoked from the command line, for example to read the EDK-IO help:

    $ edk-io --help
    Usage: edk-io [options] [command]
      -V, --version   output the version number
      -h, --help      display help for command
      store           manage the ELARA file store
      detect          detect datasource expressions
      help [command]  display help for command

    API Usage

     import * as edk from '@elaraai/edk'
     import * as edk_io from '@elaraai/edk-io'
     // detect a datasource
     const project_dir = 'path_to_workspace'
     async function run() {
         // add a datasource to the project
         let config = edk_io.detectDataSource({
             type: 'csv',
             asset: 'employees.source',
             defaults: true,
             config: edk.config(project_dir),
             dir: project_dir


    We provide the following detailed documentation:


    The EDK is licensed under the EDK Licence version LICENSE-1.04, the full version of the EDK Licence is available here.

    Release Notes

    The following release notes summarise changes accross edk, edk-io package, edk-examples.

    • Version 3.1

      • edk/lib:
        • Application:
          • Added GroupCombinedVisual to visualise a combination column and line chart on a shared numeric y axes.
          • Added VisualList to allow secondary charts to be shown on a page using drag and drop into existing PanelVisual objects
          • Added powered, ApplicationIcon and updates to ApplicationColors for customised styling of UI.
          • Improve UI and visual loading
          • Add improved UI view download, filtering and sorting -edk/io:
        • Store:
          • Added list, size and top commands to enable interaction with the file store.
      • edk-examples:
        • Added customisation of Application and VisualList to Visual Example in edk-examples.
    • Version 3.0

      • edk/lib:
        • Structure:
          • Remove predict predicate in Process, Resource and Agent entities, to automate seperation of deterministic trajectories from probabilistic trajectories in simulation.
      • edk-examples:
        • Update all examples with removal of predict predicate in Process, Resource and Agent entities.
    • Version 2.2

      • edk:
        • Added edk build speed improvements.
        • Added edk links command to view the relationships to a specificed project asset.
      • edk/lib:
        • Plugin:
          • Added ScenarioFlattenPlugin to transpose multiple Scenario rows into value Expressions per Scenario.
          • Added TimeBoundsPlugin to calculate the temporal range accross multiple Tables.
        • Pipeline:
          • Added DistributionOperation to generate grouped distributions in a Pipeline.
          • Added OffsetOperation to select expressions from sorted offset rows in a Pipeline.
        • Structure:
          • Add explicit date configuration for SingleEvent and MultipleEvent.
        • Application:
          • Added RowRidgelineVisual to visualise high resolution stacked ridgeline charts.
          • Added z_overlap to RowRidgelineVisual and GroupRidgelineVisual to control of z vertical cutoff.
          • Added key to GroupLineVisual to generate nested lines.
          • Improved Layout and Axis definition and helper functions.
      • edk-examples:
        • Added Queue Example in edk-examples to demonstrate optimisation of service orientated work.
        • Added Event Example in edk-examples to demonstrate explicit event dates in simulation.
        • Added Manual Example in edk-examples to demonstrate practical use of manual options.
        • Update Pipeline Example in edk-examples to demonstrate OffsetOperation and DistributionOperation.
    • Version 2.1

      • edk
        • Seperated input/ouput (including detection) related edk functionality into edk-io package.
        • Added handling of uri schema to edk add datasource and edk-io detect.
        • Added version command to view currently installed version of edk-io and edk.
      • edk/lib:
        • Datasource:
          • Added uri schema to DataSource for generalised specification of the following protocols: ftp://, sftp://, http://, https://, mssql://, file://.
      • edk-examples:
    • Version 2.0

      • Initial public release




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