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Eko developer command-line tool

eko is the main command-line tool for Eko project development. Use the eko command to create a new project, test your project, deploy your project, create project episodes, etc.

Quick start

First, you will need to sign up for a user at Eko Studio.

Install globally using npm install -g @ekolabs/eko.

Login in with you studio user id by running eko user login.

Create your first project by running eko project create --name=myFirstProject

See the eko usage by running eko --help

NOTE: on Windows, you will need a recent version of NPM, see package npm-windows-upgrade for instructions. Version 3.9.6 has been tested in windows environments and works well.

Other tasks

Play your project locally: eko project test

Deploy your project to staging eko project deploy --staging

Project Episodes

Prepare your project for multiple episodes eko project templatize

Create a new episode eko episode create --num=1

Switch to specific episode eko episode generate --src=ep001