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    Check how this fork diverges from upstream. > Check if there's changes in upstream that isn't in the fork.

    Why did we fork microbundle?

    This fork is currently serving two purposes:

    1. Support import maps using the eik rollup plugin and other functionality that's only possible by forking, as microbundle doesn't allow extending this from the outside in its public API.
    2. Provide optimal defaults for how is using Eik.

    We see the error of our ways and in the spirit of making upstream contributions to microbundle as easy as possible, we'll refactor this fork to only serve purpose 1. We'll create a new package on our GHE for that will wrap this fork and implement the features that are useful to us but perhaps not to non-FINN use cases. The long term plan is that we want to delete this fork and make our internal microbundle wrapper simply wrap microbundle directly instead of our fork.

    Usage instructions

    This fork isn't intended to stay around, once microbundle supports import maps we'll update the docs in the above link to point to microbundle instead.

    Pending PRs before this fork can be deleted

    • CSS source map support #754.
    • Upgrade all dependencies #738.
    • Upgrade rollup-plugin-postcss to PostCSS v8 #335.
    • Support import maps #759


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