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    Postgres Migrator

    It is a concrete implementation of a migrator of SQL change sets for a Postgres database. It is a simple version of migration like the Liquibase does but only for NodeJs.

    The abstract concept of the DB Migrator is stored in the separate repository: db-migrator.

    Why do we have that dependencies?

    • @eigenspace/db-migrator - it is the base for this migrator.

    Why do we have that dev dependencies?

    • @eigenspace/codestyle - includes lint rules, config for typescript.
    • @eigenspace/commit-linter - linter for commit messages.
    • @eigenspace/package-publisher - it publishes the package and set the next version automatically.
    • @types/* - contains type definitions for specific library.
    • clean-webpack-plugin - it is used to clean dist folder before build.
    • copy-webpack-plugin - it is used to copy additional files into dist.
    • eslint - it checks code for readability, maintainability, and functionality errors.
    • eslint-plugin-eigenspace-script - includes set of script linting rules and configuration for them.
    • husky - used for configure git hooks.
    • lint-staged - used for configure linters against staged git files.
    • pg - it is a driver and api for a postgres database to be able to connect and query it.
    • ts-loader - webpack loader to build typescript files.
    • ts-node - to run without build typescript.
    • typescript - is a superset of JavaScript that have static type-checking and ECMAScript features.
    • webpack - it is used to build the package/library.
    • webpack-cli - it is used to send commands to webpack using commandline interface.


    npm i @eigenspace/pg-migrator

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