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    Project Updater

    This tool automates maintenance by updating the project with a specific set of tasks (see "Included" below). It consists of a script to update the project in the working directory.


    • Node.js (v6 or higher)
    • Git
    • Yarn (for Node.js projects)


    Run npm i -g @eheikes/project-updater to install this package.


    Run update-project in your project folder to update it according to these conventions.

    Note that human intervention is still required! You'll need to review the changes and commit them or roll them back.

    Modifying the Templates

    There are built-in templates used by the updater if no other templates are specified. The tool can instead use a specified folder (in order of precedence):

    • a --templates argument on the command line
    • a TEMPLATES environment variable
    • a templates folder in your home directory

    Disabling Tasks

    You can also disable certain tasks by including a tasks.json file in the templates folder, using the task filenames (minus the file extension). For example, the following skips the package-lock and travisci tasks:

      "package-lock": false,
      "travisci": false

    Tasks are disabled only if they are specified with a false value.


    • .editorconfig for automatic style configuration in IDEs
    • .gitignore for commonly ignored files
    • .travis.yml for CI/CD
    • For npm packages:
      • Adds minimal properties to the package.json
      • Adds LICENSE file
      • Adds standard dependency, configuration, and lint script
      • Upgrades the packages to the latest version (within defined range)
      • Updates the package-lock.json file
      • Updates the yarn.lock file
      • Updates the contributors property in package.json from the git history


    npm i @eheikes/project-updater

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