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    ImgPen image editor SDK

    Image editor SDK for your websites and web applications. Both client and server side modules.

    Easy to install image editor which covers all standard required features like cropping, resizing, filters and other manipulations. You can adopt photos and images to your website content before publishing them or edit existing pictures.

    It can be perfectly integrated with common CMSs (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc), with popular client frameworks (React, Angular, Vue, etc.), server frameworks (Laravel, Symphony, YII, RoR, Django, etc.) and in any other code using API.

    The great advantage of ImgPen are tools for full stack application integration. ImgPen contains both client script (JS/TypeScript) and server side file uploader in PHP, Node and Java for saving images on your server. It also has microservice feature for those who would like to use uploader separately or uses different language on server side. Deploy and run your own demo in 1 min using ImgPen example repository.


    With npm installed, run

    $ npm install @edsdk/imgpen


    var ImgPen = require('@edsdk/imgpen');
    var img = document.querySelector("#img");
        urlImage: img.src,
        urlUploader: 'http://mywebsite/uploader',
        urlFiles: 'http://mywebsite/files/',
        onSave: function(url) {
            img.src = url;

    This code will call ImgPen image editor on specified image and upload result image file when (and if) user clicks save button. onSave callback will update your image with new picture.

    You need to have file uploader installed. When using ImgPen by free license, it comes as Express service module handling specified URL and uploading files in defined directory. For commercial license users PHP and Java backends are provided as well.


    function editImage({
        urlImage: string,
        urlUploader: string,
        urlFiles: string,
        dirDestination?: string,
        onSave: function(url: string)
    • urlImage - URL of image you want to edit (be sure CORS is enabled for external resources)
    • urlUploader - URL where your file uploader is installed
    • urlFiles - URL prefix for generating URL to the new image
    • dirDestination - optional subdirectory where to place a new saved image, from the root of server directory of uploader
    • onSave - callback with generated URL of saved image as parameter

    See ImgPen example to see real code with comments.


    To avoid network delays you can preload ImgPen at any moment (e. g. you page is loaded):

    function preload(callback?: function());

    After this call all next editImage calls will be faster. If you do not use preload, calling editImage first time can be slower. You can also pass callback function if you want to execute some code right after ImgPen libraries were preloaded.


    ImgPen was inspired by Aviary (dead) and Adobe Creative SDK for Web (service was closed). So ImgPen is good migration alternative for Adobe Creative SDK for Web users.


    Double licensing:

    1. Trial EdSDK license

      • All features
      • NOT for commercial usage (except trial purposes on dev server)
      • Server side in TypeScript/JavaScript only.
    2. Commercial EdSDK license

      • All features
      • Commercial usage is allowed
      • No "powered by" link is required
      • Commercial license for File Uploader for free
      • File Uploader backends for Node (JavaScript, TypeScript), Java, PHP, ASP.NET
      • OEM usage in applications is an option
      • Purchase a license in order to use it


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