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    Social Media Links

    Why and how to use this component

    Allows users to visit relevant social media profile pages of the European Commission.

    When to use this component

    Should be used whenever links need to be provided to related social media profiles.


    Orientation: vertical or horizontal

    The component can be shown in a vertical or horizontal format.
    If there is available space in the far right column of the page, the vertical version should be used, otherwise use the horizontal version

    Subject: generic or specific

    The component can be shown with a generic label or a specific one (see preview).

    More link

    The component has an optional 'more link' to be able to link to more social media profiles without cluttering the page.

    Default order

    The default order of social media links is:

    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Linkedin
    • Youtube
    • Google+

    Responsive behaviour

    Below the 480px breakpoint, the social media links component is always shown vertically.

    Available in translation

    Please note that the 'View on' link and 'More link' are available in the EU's 24 official languages.


    npm i @ecl/generic-component-social-media-link

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