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bewatched 🧙‍♀️ - A directory / file watcher for Bun

This package is temporary while waiting for Bun to get a dir / watch method. It's not perfect and is probably slowish because under the hood it uses a spawn to traverse directories. 🤡 Once Bun implements this natively this package will be refactored to use native methods with deprecated flags - because why not just use the native methods?

Getting started

bun add @eckidevs/bewatched


import { Watcher } from '@eckidevs/bewatched'

// Create a new watcher,
// watching the current working directory
const watcher = new Watcher(process.cwd(), {
  // Ignore the 'add' event
  // when loading for the first
  // time
  ignoreInitialAdds: true, // default=false

  // Regular expression / string array
  // of paths to ignore. It matches the
  // word so e.g. `.git` will include `.gitignore`
  // use /^\.git$/ in that case
  ignorePaths: [/node_modules/, "__tests__"], // default=[]

// Register your listeners before running
watcher.on("ready", () => {
  console.log("The watcher has finished initialization");

watcher.on("error", (error: Error) => {
  // If there are not any listeners for errors,
  // the watcher will throw the error instead
  console.log("Something terrible has happened");

// If ignoreInitialAdds is not true
// then this will fire for every file
// discovered.
watcher.on("add", (stat: Stat) => {
   * Stat {
      type: "file";
      name: string;
      path: string;
      modified: number;
      created: number;

watcher.on("change", (change: { updated: Stat, previous: Stat}) => {
  // The updated stat object (new modified time)
  const difference = change.updated.modifed - change.previous.modified;

// Collect the initial files first
await watcher.collect();

// Watch the files

// Stop the watcher
setTimeout(() => {
}, 5000);


Watcher (class)

Watcher(root: string, options?: Options): Watcher

root: string - The absolute path of the directory or file to start the watcher in - required.

options: Options - Initialization options

  • ingoreInitialAdds: boolean, default = false - When calling collect this will not emit the "add" event if true.
  • ignorePaths: (string|RegExp)[], default = [] - A list of directories or files to ignore. It matches the string so e.g. '.git' will also match '.gitignore'. Use a more explicit regular expression in this case.


  • files: Map<string, Stat> - available after collection
  • ready: boolean - Whether initialization has completed or not
  • busy: boolean - Whether the watcher is currently traversing files


  • collect: () => Promise - initializes the files by crawling the starting point
  • stop: () => void - Stops the watching process, but retains info in files, can be restarted with watch()
  • watch: () => void - Starts the watching process


  • "ready": Emitted once the collect function completes. Calls with no data.
  • "error": Emitted if any errors occur, the process will continue watching if it can, if there are no error listeners the process throws the error. Calls / throws with an Error object.
  • "add": Emitted once for every initial file discovered in collect process (unless ignoreInitialAdds=true) and everytime a file is add in the path provided while running. Calls with a Stat object.
  • "change": Emmitted while the watcher is running and any watched files change. Calls with a { updated: Stat, previous: Stat } object

The Stat Interface

interface Stat {
  type: "file"; // only files for now
  name: string; // The name of the last segment in the path
  path: string; // The full path of the file
  modified: number; // The unix timestamp of the modified date
  created: number; // The unix timestamp of the creation date




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