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What is nice-dag-core?

nice-dag-core creates and maintains an easy-to-use DOM structure for visualising DAG Diagram. The positions of nodes and lines are calculated based on Dagre, while the rendering logic is controlled by developers in the manner of JS APIs.

Besides DAG diagram layout, it also provides build-in functions for Flow Editor interactions like dragging, dropping, creating or removing nodes and edges. Developers can use these functions according to their customized use cases.

Ideally, nice-dag-core is framework agnostic. For the current version, nice-dag-core can be used with nice-dag-react or with nice-dag-vue3.


If your project is using yarn, you can run the command.

yarn add @ebay/nice-dag-core

If your projet is using npm, you can run the command.

npm install @ebay/nice-dag-core

Besides, you can add /node_modules/@ebay/nice-dag-core/lib/index.umd.cjs to html <script> directly if you are not working on react or vue3 framework.

For more details, please you can visit Doc Portal.

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