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    graphile-build-pg is a collection of Graphile Engine plugins that allow you to extend your GraphQL schema with high-performance types and fields based on resources found in your PostgreSQL database schema.

    Thanks to Graphile Engine's advanced query look-ahead features, the plugins in this package do not exhibit the N+1 query problem common in many database-based GraphQL APIs. For all but the flattest GraphQL queries these plugins typically outperform DataLoader-based solutions.

    An example of an application built on graphile-build-pg is PostGraphile which with one command connects to your PostgreSQL database and provides a full highly performant standards-compliant GraphQL API.

    It is recommended that you use PostGraphile directly unless you really want to get low level access to this library.

    If you prefer to use the plugins yourself it's advised that you use the defaultPlugins export from graphile-build-pg and then create a new array based on that into which you may insert or remove specific plugins. This is because it is ordered in a way to ensure the plugins work correctly (and we may still split up or restructure the plugins).

    Export: defaultPlugins

    An array of graphql-build plugins in the correct order to generate a well-thought-out GraphQL object tree based on your PostgreSQL schema. This is the array that postgraphile-core uses.

    Manual usage

    import { defaultPlugins, getBuilder } from "graphile-build";
    import { defaultPlugins as pgDefaultPlugins } from "graphile-build-pg";
    async function getSchema(
      pgConfig = process.env.DATABASE_URL,
      pgSchemas = ["public"],
      additionalPlugins = []
    ) {
      return getBuilder(
        [...defaultPlugins, ...pgDefaultPlugins, ...additionalPlugins],
          pgExtendedTypes: true,


    npm i @dwwoelfel/graphile-build-pg

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