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    graphile-build is the core of Graphile Engine. It provides a framework to build high-performance extensible GraphQL APIs by combining plugins and using advanced query look-ahead features. Each plugin typically has its own small purpose (such as implementing the Node interface, adding query: Query to mutation payloads, or watching an external source for schema changes) and by combining these plugins together you get a large, powerful, and manageable GraphQL schema. Plugins enable you to make broad changes to your GraphQL schema with minimal code and without sacrificing performance.

    An example of an application built on graphile-build is PostGraphile which with one command connects to your PostgreSQL database and provides a full highly performant standards-compliant GraphQL API. The separate graphile-build-pg module contains the plugins that are specific to PostgreSQL support (graphile-build itself does not know about databases).

    For in-depth documentation about graphile-build, please see the graphile documentation website at The below just serves as a limited quick-reference for people already familiar with the library.

    Please note: rather than using the raw plugin interface that graphile-build exposes, you may want to use the helpers in the graphile-utils module.


    npm i @dwwoelfel/graphile-build

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