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Relay GraphQL Server for Loopback (Apollo Server)

Combine the powers of ApolloStack GraphQL with the backend of Loopback to automatically generate GraphQL endpoints based on Loopback Schema.

Loopback Graphql

Caution ⚠️

This is a work in progress. Until version 1.0 endpoint API may change.

Queries 💥

  • Relay Specification: node query to fetch single entity by ID
  • viewer query to fetch all models for a viewer
  • Filter support for where and order filters on queries
  • Support for relations and querying related data
  • Relay Connections support for listed data
  • Relay Pagination (first, last, before, after)
  • Remote methods integration

Mutations 🚀

  • Nested and clean schema structure
  • Maps all post, put, patch and delete methods to mutations
  • Remote methods integration

Subscriptions ⚡️

  • create, update and remove events of all shared models.

Other Features 🎉

Loopback Types

  • [x] Any
  • [x] Array
  • [x] Boolean
  • [ ] Buffer
  • [x] Date
  • [x] GeoPoint
  • [x] Null
  • [x] Number
  • [x] Object
  • [x] String

Loopback Relations

  • [x] BelongsTo
  • [x] HasOne
  • [x] HasMany
  • [ ] HasManyThrough
  • [x] HasAndBelongsToMany
  • [ ] Polymorphic
  • [x] EmbedsOne
  • [x] EmbedsMany
  • [x] ReferencesMany


  • Accepts AccessToken for authenticated API calls


  • [ ] File uploads

Usage 💻

npm install loopback-graphql-relay

Add the loopback-graphql-relay component to the server/component-config.json:

"loopback-graphql-relay": {
    "path": "/graphql",
    "graphiqlPath": "/graphiql",
    "subscriptionServer": {
      "disable": false,
      "port": 5000,
      "options": {},
      "socketOptions": {}
    "viewer": {
      "AccessTokenModel": "CustomAccessToken",
      "relation": "user",
      "UserModel": "Account"

Requests will be posted to path path. (Default: /graphql);

Graphiql is available on graphiqlPath path. (Default: /graphiql);

Apollo's Subscription Server can be customised by passing subscriptionServer configuration. More information can be found at SubscriptionServer Docs.

Inspiration 🙌

This repository originally started as a fork of the loopback-graphql project by Tallyb. But due to considerable change in the way query end points are created, this repository is maitained as an independant project.

Roadmap 🛣

See here the Github project

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