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    jQuery Phone highlight

    jQuery plugin which helps you replace text phone numbers with <a href="tel:..."> tag.

    It may be useful if you want to add user friendly markup on mobile devices, but want to keep text phone numbers in desktop version.

    This plugin don't have library for detecting mobiles devices as a hard dependency. You are free to use your favorite one. For example mobile-detect.js

    Check out demo (open from mobile device or use emulation).

    Basic usage

    At first, add into your <head>.

    Then, put following into in you main.js:


    Or with mobile-detect.js

    var md = new MobileDetect(window.navigator.userAgent);
    if ( {

    Plugin will replace text phones with a tag.

    Lorem ipsum dolor <a href="tel:+73812786644" class="phone">+7 (3812) 78-66-44</a>

    NOTE! Do not execute plugin on whole body or other huge/interactive parts of the page! It may break other scripts or cause perfomance issues.


    Plugin have 3 options which can be passed into its call:

    	countrycode: '+7',
    	citycode: '3812',
    	minLenWithouCodes: 7

    How it works

    It tooks text content of marked nodes and removes all symbols excepting digits and leading plus sign.

    Then plugin checks format of obtained result. There are 2 possible cases:

    1. Current result already starts with plus sign or its length is greater than minLenWithouCodes option value. In this case countrycode and citycode won't be added to phone.
    2. Otherwise phone will be concatinated with countrycode and citycode Note, that default values of countrycode and citycode options is empty strings.

    You can also override global code options by setting appropriate data attributes:

    <span class="phone" data-countrycode="+1" data-citycode="123">999-44-22</span>

    Running tests

    At firts, you have to install dependencies by running npm install and bower install. Now execute npm run test command.


    MIT License © dvhb


    npm i @dvhb/phone-highlight

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