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Truffle Codec

This module, @dune-network/codec, provides an interface for decoding Solidity smart contract state as well as information sent to or from smart contracts using the Solidity ABI. It produces output in a machine-readable form that avoids losing any information. It also has some rudimentary encoding functionality, that will be expanded in the future. This module is also what Truffle Debugger uses for its decoding.

This is a low-level module, and it's probable that you should use the higher-level interface Truffle Decoder instead. That said, if for whatever reason Truffle Decoder will not suffice for your use case, it's possible that you may need to use this.


$ npm install --save @dune-network/codec

This module does not provide a CLI; it is entirely meant to be used as part of a larger JavaScript or TypeScript program.

Usage and Documentation

This module has some API documentation, which you should see for further usage information. Note that as this is a low-level module mostly intended for internal Truffle use, its documentation is sparse at the moment.


As part of the larger Truffle Suite, this module is MIT-licensed.

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