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    Commitizen friendly

    Fork of https://github.com/digitalroute/cz-conventional-changelog-for-jira.

    Additions made in this fork:

    • Custom types
    • Custom defaults
    • Additional configurations of branchNameRegExp, scopes and taskIdRegExp
    • Consistent messages
    • Updated dependencies



    • It asks for ClickUp task ID associated with the commit
    • It asks for the type of change being made in the commit
    • It detects the ClickUp task ID from your branch name (provided we use type/id-description format)
    • It asks for the scope (vertical) relevant to the change

    This tool is paired with another tool called Standard Version, which:

    • beautifully logs all commits of type features and fixes to changelog
    • auto-updates version of the package based on breaking change or feature releases
    • tags your commit with the version so releases can be sealed

    Example changelog:


    Installing the command line tool

    Commitizen is currently tested against node 10 and 12 although it may work in older node. You should also have npm 6 or greater.

    npm install -g commitizen

    Conventional commit messages as a global utility

    Install our commitizen adapter @dubizzle/cz-conventional-changelog-for-any globally

    npm install -g @dubizzle/cz-conventional-changelog-for-any

    Create a .czrc file in your home directory, with path referring to the preferred, globally installed, commitizen adapter

    echo '{ "path": "@dubizzle/cz-conventional-changelog-for-any" }' > ~/.czrc

    Add the following configs to package.json

     "config": {
        "standard-version": {
          "issueUrlFormat": "https://app.clickup.com/t/{{id}}"
      "standard-version": {
        "issueUrlFormat": "https://app.clickup.com/t/{{id}}"

    Repo-scoped usage

    You can also use install our commitizen adapter @dubizzle/cz-conventional-changelog-for-any locally

    npm install @dubizzle/cz-conventional-changelog-for-any

    Add the following configs to package.json

     "config": {
          "commitizen": {
          "path": "cz-conventional-changelog-for-any",
        "standard-version": {
          "issueUrlFormat": "https://app.clickup.com/t/{{id}}"
      "standard-version": {
        "issueUrlFormat": "https://app.clickup.com/t/{{id}}"

    You are all set! Now cd into any git repository and simply use git cz, git-cz, or just cz instead of git commit when committing and you will find the commitizen prompt with the default configurations.

    Protip: You can use all the git commit options with git cz, for example: git cz -a.


    npm i @dubizzle/cz-conventional-changelog-for-any



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