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Fœhn (føn) is the design system build for the website of the State of Vaud.

Take a look at the documentation.

Fractal and Bootstrap 4 is used to build fœhn.


Upgrading? Please read our CHANGELOG to learn what changes to expect in the latest version, whether that's new features, bug fixes, changes, or whatever else.

Run locally

You will need Git, Node.js and yarn to get this project running.

Fork repository (optional)

If you are an external contributor make sur to fork this project first

Clone repository

$ git clone [path/of/the/repo/]foehn.git
cd foehn

Install dependencies

$ yarn

Start a local server

This will build sources, serve pages and watch for changes.

$ yarn start


Build ./src to ./dist

$ yarn build

Test accessibility

To test basic accessibility issues using Pa11y.

$ yarn test-a11y

Deploy the styleguide

We deploy the styleguide to a gh-pages branch on Github. To do this, use the following command to build and then deploy the code:

$ yarn run deploy

The frontend can be viewed at this url: .

New version

  1. Make sure, the is up to date. If not, update it and commit the changes.
  2. Run the $ yarn version command to create a new version of the package. (It also create the tag.)
$ yarn version


Getting Foehn npm package

Foehn is available on the npmjs registry.

Publish on the npm registry

The following command will build the code and publish the latest version on the registry you have set in your NPM config.

$ npm publish --tag latest

If you need to publish a specific version, use $ yarn publish --tag <tag> to build the code and publish a specific tag.


npm i @dsivd/foehn

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