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A form element which is used to get serialized data and to perform validation of it's local elements.


  npm install --save @dreamworld/dw-form


  @import `@dreamworld/dw-form/dw-form`;



  • serialize() Used to get key/value data of it's children form elements as JSON Object.
  • validate() Used to validate child elements
    • Invokes validate() method on each form element if it's defined/available.
    • Returns true if all elements validate has returned true.


    <dw-input name="name" label="Name" required></dw-input>
    <dw-checkbox name="isChecked" label="This is checkbox"></>


A Mixin used to create custom form element.


  npm install --save @dreamworld/dw-form


  @import `@dreamworld/dw-form/dw-form-element`;

How it works?

  • Triggers register-dw-form-element when attached (from connectedCallback). dw-form uses this event to register this element as custom form element.
  • Triggers unregister-dw-form-element when detached (from disconnectedCallback). dw-form on this event removes this element from the custom elements registry it has.
  • Stops propagation of register-dw-form-element event from child elements (from local dom or light dom). It allows to create composite form elements. Only most souter form element is registered with dw-form.


  class CustomElement extends DwFormElement(LitElement) {

** NOTE: Do not forget to call super.connectedCallback() and super.disconnectedCallback() in your element **


It's used to show label for checkbox & radio buttons. Used by dw-checkbox and dw-radio-button. And allows user to select by clicking on the label too. It also activates a ripple effect upon interacting with the label. For more detail visit https://github.com/material-components/material-web/tree/master/packages/formfield.


  npm install --save @dreamworld/dw-form-field


  @import '@dreamworld/dw-form-field'
<dw-form-field label="Name" disabled>
// Slotted Label
  <div slot="label" style="background-color:powderblue; color: red; font-size: 24px;">Hello Slotted Label</div>


Enhancements in addition to mwc-formfield

Earlier (in 1.x version) this element was an extension of mwc-formfield but it's no longer uses it. But, it implements all the behaviours of it with additional behaviours as described below.

  • Adds disabled property
    • When set to true, text will be rendered in --dw-theme-disabled-text-color
    • Deactivates ripple on click
  • Removes left padding from label When label is not available
  • Adds a way to change font style. By default it inherits font style from parent element
  • Provides a way to align label to top through alignTop property.
  • From version 3.x it allows you to render label through slotted element.


  • label
  • alignEnd
  • alignTop
  • disabled

Custom CSS Properties

Name Default Description
--dw-theme-text-primary-on-background rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.87) Color of the label text.
--dw-theme-disabled-text-color rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.38) Text color of a disabled form-field
--dw-form-field-label-min-height auto Minimum height to label
--dw-form-field-label-padding 0 Padding of the label (Note: won't work if label is not available)

Example css to change label style

dw-form-field {
  --dw-theme-text-primary-on-background: blue;
  --dw-form-field-label-min-height: 40px;
  font-size: 18px;


  • It's a custom form element. As it's name suggests, used to create a form-element which is composed of other form-elements.
  • All the elements for the composition are identified from either local-dom (When used by extending this class) or light-dom.
  • Data-type of the value property is Object. Object's key represents name of the inner form-element & value represents value of that inner form element.
  • When validate() of this element is called, it invokes validate() of all the inner form elements.
  • Fires value-changed event when it's value is changed. (OR in other word, value of any inner form element is changed).


  npm install --save @dreamworld/dw-form

Usage (Composition or light-dom)

  @import '@dreamworld/dw-form/dw-composite-form-element'

Usage (Extension)

  • Create a new form element by extending the class DwCompositeFormElement and in the render() template render all the children elements.



npm i @dreamworld/dw-form

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